HEALTHFUL HOME HH-7500 Mold Magnet Filter Spray

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Another breakthrough product brought to you by healthful home. Laboratory-proven to improve your hvac and furnace filter capture rate for biological microbes in your home or office. Mold magnet has been field-tested to demonstrate increased capture of molds, bacteria and viral particles at up to 1000x more effectively than untreated filters. Nano-sized particles (virus-sized) were effectively captured in standard filters typically rated for particles of 10 microns or greater. This increased capture rate means you can achieve filtration efficiencies found in much more expensive filters (merv 13 or higher) while using lower cost standard filters (merv 8 or lower). Each bottle will treat at least a year's worth of standard-sized filters (12 or more), a potential savings of hundreds of dollars per bottle. Even better, because you are using lower-rated merv filters when using mold magnet, the decreased back pressure on your hvac system means less strain on your blower and less potential maintenance. Anyone suffering from allergies or sensitivities to microbial contamination in their hvac systems should consider trying mold magnet on their filters. Why pay for those expensive high-merv rated filters if you don't have to. Not a tacifier. Does not decrease the life of your filters. Contents are all-natural and non-toxic. Simply spray your filter on both sides and place into the hvac or furnace immediately. Made in the U.S.A


  • Mold magnet treated filters capture nearly 1000x the microbes compared to untreated filters
  • Enhances standard hvac filter's ability to capture molds, bacteria and virus particles by nearly 1000-fold
  • Not a tacifier. Save $5 to $20 on every filter you buy without loss of filter life
  • Use less-costly, lower merv-rated filters while decreasing back pressure on your blower
  • Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Patent pending

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