Heal: Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Awaken the Powerful Healer Within

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Product Description Go on a fascinating scientific and spiritual journey in this eye-opening book that explores the body’s incredible ability to heal itself—perfect for fans of Deepak Chopra and Anita Moorjani. When we receive diagnoses from medical professionals, we are often so overwhelmed that we give up authority over our own health and well-being. But the truth is, we have more control over our health and life that we have been led to believe, and that belief is at the core of our body’s capacity to heal itself. Based on the groundbreaking documentary of the same name, Heal follows two people on their healing journeys, while combining science-backed research and real-world testimonials from experts like Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Anita Moorgani, Kelly Brogan, and many others, to offer hope and alternative treatments for the many people suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses. By identifying the emotional roots of illnesses, we can tap into the body’s healing powers and discover that although healing can be complex and deeply personal, it can also happen spontaneously in a moment. Heal shows us that science and spirituality are united and demonstrates that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our overall health and the ability to recover from illness and injury. Review “A must-read on your wellness journey, Heal offers a groundbreaking look at what happens when we become aware of our own innate healing powers and use them to change our health—for the better!” -- Maria Menounos, host of Better Together with Maria Menounos podcast and CEO of AfterBuzz TV network “ Heal offers more than hope to those on a healing journey. It's an exciting exploration into your unrealized healing potential that will awaken within you what you've known all along; you are the cure you've been seeking.” -- Dr. Habib Sadeghi, physician, futurist, and author of The Clarity Cleanse “ Heal is what all us seekers have been looking for. Kelly’s devotion to humans, and our capacity to transform our lives emotionally, spiritually and physically with the help of the gifted individuals who can guide us there, is unparalleled. I was honored to be a small part of the documentary, and now this book can go anywhere with you to inspire the true healing I have felt in my life as well.” -- Jamie Lynn Sigler, actress “The science, the esoteric solutions, and the heart intelligence bundled into Heal is the map to total wellness. Repeat: So many answers to our illnesses are embedded in here. This is a wake up call from the future.” -- Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Desire Map Course “As a doula, I understand the power and importance of the mind-body connection. Heal carries such a well-curated and inspiring message that I have all my clients read it as part of their birth prep homework.” -- Lori Bregman, doula and author of Mamaste and The Mindful Mom to Be “I’ve always had a deep passion for wellness and living organically. A holistic approach to healing is important as it includes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical elements. Contained in this book are insights for anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.” -- Miranda Kerr, supermodel and founder/CEO of Kora Organics “ Heal will open your mind and help you re-create your perception, which is an essential step for healing, and often the only one needed. This book should be compulsory reading for medical students, practicing doctors, and patients alike.” -- Alejandro Junger, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Clean “In this wonderful companion to her popular documentary, Kelly Noonan Gores reminds us that healing is natural to the body. Through interviews with experts and inspiring stories from patients, she dramatically demonstrates the healing power of our awareness, and how to align it with the body’s innate healing power. Kelly encourages us to see symptoms as feedback from our bodies; a communication that can mo

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