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Help students see that a clock is simply a circular number line and change how they learn to tell time! Each Number Line Clock comes with a clock frame, snap-on minute and hour hands, and 2 reversible number lines (1for hours and 1 for minutes). Simply bend the number lines into a circle, connect the ends, put them into the clock face, snap on the hands, and you've created a clock! This Number Line Clock for kids is a school supplies essential. This wonderful Montessori math manipulatives learning to tell time set helps your kids work independently to learn how to tell time. For over 50 years, hand2mind has encouraged hands-on learning and discovery, driving deeper understanding and helping children unlock their full potential. Hand2mind specializes in math manipulatives designed to help students learn by doing. When learning to tell time, hand2mind provides telling time activity centers, analog clocks for kids learning, standard yellow clocks and our featured NumberLine Clock. From early math to middle school math, hand2mind has you covered with products designed to enhance learning in the classroom and the world around us. Through hands-on exploration and discovery, we strive to find new ways to encourage students in math practice, literacy activities, STEM education and more!


  • CLOCK FOR KIDS LEARNING TO TELL TIME: Numberline clock helps young learners to physically and mentally connect concepts between a number line and time. Helps children understand that time is a continuous unit of measurement. Classroom set includes 24 student clocks and one giant teacher demonstration clock.
  • MONTESSORI MATERIALS FOR PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN: Kids get to learn to tell time easily by learning how to view time on a number line before putting the line on the clock. This can be worked on by kids independently..
  • TEACHER SUPPLIES THAT MAKE TEACHING EASIER: Teachers will find that using the number line clock will make it easier for kids to learn telling time by comparing the distance traveled for minutes and hours.
  • ESSENTIAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR KIDS: When shopping for your kindergarten or preschool student, our number line clock is must have for kids school supplies going into the new school year.
  • LEARNING CLOCK MANIPULATIVES FOR KIDS: Learning the analog clock can be difficult for kids, which is why the number line clock is a great manipulative to make it easier to translate digital clock times to analog clock times.
  • DISTANCE LEARNING HOMESCHOOL SUPPLIES: Whether you're dealing with distance learning this year or supplementing your kids education at home, our learning clock has you covered.

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