Hair Growth Vitamins (Clinically Proven Ingredients) Award Winning Keratin, Biotin and More, Proven Hair Vitamins for Faster Healthier Hair Growth - Hair Loss & Thinning Supplement for Women & Men

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH -Are you tired of hair growth vitamins making outrageous claims and providing no results?

Looking for something like nutrafol women hair supplement at efficacious doses? We have the hair loss supplement for you. Science has moved beyond just Biotin for hair growth.

Where Hair Growth Vitamins Have Gone Wrong in the Past;

1) No Clinically Backed Ingredients - The majority of hair vitamins on the market are full of ineffective unproven ingredients that have NO scientific data or clinical trials to show they work.

2) Ineffective Dosing – Having a clinically proven ingredient is one piece of the puzzle. Using effective clinical dosages is what makes a proven ingredient produce the results shown in studies.

3) Proprietary Blends – Be VERY WARY of any hair growth supplement using proprietary blends. To cover up underdosed clinically proven ingredients companies will use "proprietary blends". Companies will sprinkle in a tiny amount of expensive ingredients like EVNolMax and Cynatine HNS and call it a "proprietary blend".

We've combined revolutionary proven ingredients at their clinical doses with medical grade botanicals like Bamboo, Folate, and Biotin for a hair growth product that provides real proven results.

EvNolMax - Often referred to as Super Vitamin E a tocopherol & Tocotrienols Non-Soy, Non-GMO full spectrum vitamin E (all 8 isoforms of vitamin E) on the market. Its powerful antioxidant properties have been clinically proven to aid in hair loss and hair growth.

Cynatine HNS - is a patented Solubilized Keratin, a protein found naturally in the body which aids in the production of hair growth, protecting, and repair. Cynatine is clinically proven effective at 500mg per day.


  • PROVEN HAIR GROWTH VITAMINS: 91.7% of patients saw Increased Hair Growth, 75% saw stronger, healthier hair, and 44% saw a reduction in hair loss with Cynatine HNS Keratin. We've added proven EVNolMax (Vitamin E), Powerful Antioxidants and Biotin for a hair growth supplement that really works.
  • REAL SCIENCE REAL RESULTS: Rebuild hair at the cellular level with EvnolMax tocotrienols, a potent super vitamin E shown in clinical studies to regrow hair by 34% and promote hair growth due to its powerful antioxidant activity.
  • 100% NATURAL HAIR GROWTH PRODUCT: Doctor Formulated and approved hair loss supplement for women and men. A patented keratin hair treatment, Biotin, Folate, Bamboo, Icelandic Kelp and more for a proven powerful hair growth supplement.
  • LUSTROUS SHINE, BUILT WITH STRENGTH: Studies show that hair strength and appearance is more heavily influenced not by external factors such as stress, but more importantly by vital nutrients that come from the diet. This is partly the reason why many topical shampoos and scalp treatments fail to produce beneficial results. Physician's Choice Hair Growth is formulated proven tested natural building blocks to rebuild and maintain hair health at the root cause of hair loss.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Physician's Choice supplements are fully backed with doctor support and third-party tested formulas for optimal nutrition. Our products are scientifically driven to reflect premium quality ingredients which nourish the body and propel a healthy lifestyle. Implement Physician's Choice Hair Growth formula into your daily regimen to experience full hair that is healthy both inside and out.

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