H4Bats One Chamber Bat House Kit - BCI Certified - 28"x18"x2" - Assembly Required - Grooved Roosting Surfaces - Holds 50 to 100 bats

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Kits require assembly. A quality One Chamber Bat House Kit based on research and bat needs and not based on cheap materials and shipping size. This is not a bunch of boards to nail together, this bat house is made from high quality materials with cut roosting grooves and tab and slot design utilizing screws for assembly. With this bat house kit you can build your own bat house that rivals the design, capacity and quality our commercial production bat houses we sell to companies, corporations, farmers and government entities. This bat house kit is designed to meet all Bat Conservation International (BCI) certification requirements, and is BCI Certified once built and painted. Its unique tab and slot design makes assembly so easy a first grader can do it. The kit comes mitered, grooved and ready to assemble. Includes screws and complete instructions for assembly, color choice and placement guidelines. This is the same One Chamber Bat House we use in our bat house building workshops. Available roost volume = 220 cubic inches This one chamber kit can house an estimated 50 - 100 bats* (depending on species). Also available in a two and three chamber design with greater bat capacity. *We attempt to be honest with our estimates allowing approx. 3 cubic inches for each bat. This includes an allowance for unused space since the bats will not pack the house top to bottom. Some species will crowd in very tightly, others will not thus the true capacity will be a range not a specific number. Our volume measurement excludes the volume consumed by the internal baffles and all bat house capacities should be compared using volume, not a count of bats. Two and three chamber versions available


  • Dimensions:H 28" x W 18" x D 2" (includes roof overhang)
  • Roosting Space: 220 Cubic Inches
  • Bat Capacity: about 50 to 100 bats (depending on species)
  • Made from quality ACX material and precision machined
  • BCI Certified and Manufactured in the USA at our Batshop!

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