Gutzy Organic Gut Healthy Smoothie Snack Tropical Quad 32 Pouch Variety Pack - Organic, Prebiotic Fiber, Plant Based, Gluten Free, Vegan Snacks, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Kosher - 3.9 Oz Pouch

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ON-THE-GO GUT HEALTH SNACK. Gutzy is the brand name at the center of everything we stand for – gut health, embracing challenges and never quitting on your dreams. When people ask us what’s in our name, we say EVERYTHING! Begutzy!


  • 32-POUCHES IN 4 DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Tropical Quad variety pack includes 8 pouches each of 1) Banana Berry & Pomegranate, 2) Pineapple, Passion Fruit + Ginger & Dandelion Botanicals, 3) Spinach, Kiwi & Kale, and 4) Raspberry, Blueberry & Beet.
  • GUT HEALTHY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: The gut microbiome thrives on a colorful mix of plant-based superfoods and prebiotic fiber - exactly what is in each pouch of gutzy. We use the HIGHEST QUALITY PREBIOTIC ACACIA FIBER that the gut loves. Each ingredient is certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified to deliver clean complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. And we NEVER ADD SUGAR or water to gutzy.
  • GUT-HEALTHY SNACKS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Gutzy plant-based gut-healthy pouches provides a great source of light and clean energy. It’s especially great to ‘break the fast’ and consume before or immediately after working out. We like to start each day with a Gutzy to feed ourselves AND our gut’s microbiome.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF GUT HEALTH: Food is broken down in the gut which then unleashes vital nutrients to support the entire body for overall good health. A healthy gut directly supports the immune system, energy levels, mood, sleep and more!
  • PREBIOTICS VS. PROBIOTICS: Our gut microbiome has more than 100 trillion micro-organisms – good and harmful bacteria. Foods containing PROBIOTICS add more of the beneficial bugs to our gut; PREBIOTICS are plant-based foods that actually feed the the trillions of good bacteria that already live there. Every pouch of Gutzy has 5g to 6g of gut-nourishing Prebiotics to help the good bugs thrive, crowding out the bad ones.

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