Grill Trade Firestarters 50 pcs | Natural Fire Starters for Fireplace, Wood Stove, Campfires, Fire Pit, BBQ, Chimney, Pizza Oven | All Weather Charcoal Starters for Indoor/Outdoor Use

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SAFE FOR ENVIRONMENT:   Our Kindle Grill Trade wool complies with European standards DIN EN 1860-3: 2003-12. No sudden ignition! It consists of 100% renewable raw materials, pinewood wool and saturated food-grade eco wax. We do not use unnecessary plastic packaging.   PLACES OF USE:   As a portable starter for instant campfire, must have for hiking. As kindling for lump charcoal in your BBQ, smoker, grill or smokehouse. As ignition of cordwood in your fire place, bonfire, cooker, camp stove or oven.   HOW TO USE:   Easy burn up the kindling wool (against the direction of winding). It helps to ignite faster and more intense. There is a clear advantage over many different pressed products that the combustion temperature increases and ignites thicker workpieces.   - Use 1pcs of fire ignition for starting dry branches and firewood. - Use 2pcs of combustion for coal or wet logs.   100% natural wood without toxic smell and non smoke. Enjoy the real taste of food without chemical flavors!   EFFECTIVELY:   Quick lighting without soot and chemical smoke, almost without any ash. Long burning time of 8-10 minutes. Unlimited shelf life. Multipurpose for the ignition of wood and coal.   PROVEN AND WELL ESTIMATED   Our customers rate our product as "very good." Do not rely on luck, choose reliable Grill Trade products.


  • 🔥ECO-FRIENDLY: The Tumbleweeds Lightning Nuggets are natural, duaflame and free from harmful chemicals, so they are safe organic and non-toxic for environment. The charcoal chimney starter is great for barbecue smokers and easier than sawdust.
  • 🔥PERFECT FIRE IN NO TIME: These wooly wood quick flint fire starter packs can create the perfect indoor or outdoor fire flame without hassle. The fire lighting nuggets are great for campsite, barbecue grills, fireplaces and woodstoves.
  • 🔥WEATHER PROOF: The pit fire starter stick burn great at any weather. The firestarters can light a fire instantly even with wet or damp log. So they are perfect for camping, hiking and backpacking.
  • 🔥NO UNPLEASANT SMELL: Forget about unpleasant toxic smell. These lighting starter are completely odorless and they give neither smell no smoke!
  • 🔥LONG LASTING: These eco-friendly fire logs are long lasting and have a burning time of 10-12 minutes. The firestart give a steady light so you can rest having the perfect fire.

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