Grateful House Premium Quality Set of 2 Eco Friendly Laundry Balls for washing machine. Natural bio ceramic washer balls for laundry. A Hypoallergenic, safe, reliable non detergent laundry system

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DIRECTIONS For optimum results use both eco-friendly laundry balls. For delicate and small loads use one laundry ball. Do not overload your machine. Wash using your desired cycle. When load is finished remove eco-friendly laundry balls. Do not put them in the dryer. Recharge your Laundry Balls approximately every 30 washes or once a month. In order to fully charge and regenerate them, place in the sun for at least three hours. Grateful House eco-friendly laundry balls last for up to 1,000 washes TIPS for best results when using your Grateful House Laundry Balls: Pre-treat stains as normal, using an all-natural stain remover. To boost performance for heavily soiled laundry you can add ¼ cup of white vinegar or ¼ cup of the recommended amount of an all-natural laundry detergent. Suitable for use in front loader, top loader, and HE washing machines.


  • WE UNDERSTAND YOU! Are you looking for a detergent free laundry system? Something that is safe for your home and the environment? Helping you save time and money? You've found it! Pair the washing Balls with the Grateful House 100% Wool Dryer Balls and you've got the perfect solution! You might enjoy doing laundry! We offer an inexpensive and effective way to clean your laundry without any harsh chemicals. Its safe for you, the earth, and your grey water and septic systems.
  • AMAZING FOR BABIES! Such a simple and safe detergent alternative. This hyper allergenic laundry system will provide a chemical free wash helping you to enjoy that new baby smell the way mother nature intended. Most laundry detergents contain carcinogens and are very toxic. NO HARSH CHEMICALS, No phosphates, sulfates, petrochemicals, animal by-products, chlorine, perfumes, gluten, tree nut-based ingredients, dyes, or allergens.
  • GRATEFUL HOUSE OFFERS AN AFFORDABLE WAY to keep your family free from allergens and irritations. We keep our price economical and back it with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. We want you to enjoy the benefits of an eco friendly, non toxic, reusable laundry system. We offer priority customer service and reply to you promptly!
  • WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between Grateful House laundry balls and the others? Most laundry balls offer the same benefits however the Grateful House laundry balls outer shell is NON TOXIC and specially designed to mimic the old fashion washing board. The slightly softer shell will NOT damage your fabrics. The inner ceramics are the largest on the market, offering a more efficient cleaning structure by alkalizing your water and raising your PH level aiding in very effective removal of dirt and odors
  • TRENDY UNIQUE ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT a thoughtful gift that is packaged nicely. Great for the health and environmentally conscious or someone with sensitive skin. Perfect for families, newborn babies, college student, laundry mat, vacation and in the RV, they are great for hassle free travel.

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