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Skies Above Britain is a solitaire game depicting a Royal Air Force squadron of Hurricanes or Spitfires waging a desperate effort to disrupt and destroy German daylight bombing raids over southeast England in the summer of 1940. The player’s individual aircraft—each represented by a stickered block—must locate the incoming raid, intercept it, and evade or defeat swarms of escorting German fighters that usually outnumber you and whose pilots have superior experience and tactics. The game simulates the dogfighting and fighter-vs.-bomber action at an individual aircraft level using a card-assisted system that simulates key tactical decision-making without losing the feel of fast-paced aerial combat. A player can fly scenarios representing an individual patrol or use the patrol generator to create an endless variety of realistic individual patrols, multi-patrol campaigns, or larger campaigns covering the entire Battle of Britain. Each patrol will take a half hour or more to play, while a campaign can last anywhere between 6 and 28 patrols. COMPONENTS 1 Interception Game Board 1 Squadron Display Game Board 1 Me-110 Circle Display 4 Counter Sheets 1 Rules Booklet 1 Situation Manual 1 Optionals Booklet 3 Player Aid Cards 200 Playing Cards 1 Pad of Roster Sheets 2 Historical Log Sheets 1 Sheet of Stickers 38 Wooden Blocks 10 Wooden Cubes 1 Wooden Cylinder 2 Dice


  • Solitaire game of plane-plane comibat during the Battle of Britain, with the player controlling a squadron of Hurricane or Spitfire fighters trying to disrupt German bombing raids
  • Uses a card-assisted system to provide tactical decisions involved during a dogfight
  • Player must deal with German fighter escorts, and can decide upon the strategy for attacking the bombers at varying risk
  • Scenarios include individual patrols, and campaigns from a string of patrols, plus there is a mission & patrol generator system
  • Boardgame appropriate for adults 14 years & older

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