Glass Nail File in Case, Glass Fingernail File for Professional Manicure Nail Care, Expert Precision Filing + Smooth Finish - Bona Fide Beauty Pastel Premium Czech Glass File

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Bona Fide Beauty - Genuine Czech Glass Nail File

We believe the journey to healthy, beautiful nails begins with high-quality Czech glass files that are gentle on natural nails

Pastel Czech Glass Nail File
LENGTH: 5.3 in (135 mm) with Pointed End
THICKNESS: 0.08 in (2 mm)
CASE: Light Green Plastic Hard Case
GRIT: Fine ~ Medium grit (same grit both sides) double-sided etched filing surface
- This grit suits most nail types, ideal for women, men, children & salon professionals

- It's gentle grit seals the natural keratin layers together at the nails edge, leaving nails smooth, healthy, with no jagged edges
- File with a light touch, in any direction

- Regular, long-term use can strengthen nails, improve nail health & reduce nail splitting & chipping, allowing you to grow long, healthy nails

- A quality, handmade product made from genuine Czech 'Bohemian' glass, a centuries old traditional form of glassmaking internationally recognized for its superior craftsmanship & beauty
- 100% Lead Free
- The glass is tempered to ensure the nail file is durable, wear-resistant & retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses
- Professional salon-grade glass surface is easy to clean & re-use: simply rinse abrasive surface under running water (avoiding decorated handle)

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please message us via Amazon if you have any questions.

It's never to late improve your nail health, try BFB's Czech glass nail file, if it is not the right nail care tool for you, TALK TO US! We are here to help

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  • OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe the road to healthy nails starts with superior quality nail files that are gentle & nurturing on natural nails.
  • NAIL CARE: Czech files are a great nail strengthener & nail hardener. Regular, long-term use on the natural nail can contribute to overall nail health & strength. It's never to late improve your nail health, take action today!
  • SMOOTH FINISH: File your nails with a light touch in any direction. While metal files & emery boards can shred & damage the natural nail edge, Czech glass files seal the natural keratin layers together, leaving nails smooth, healthy & with no jagged edges.
  • GENUINE: Made in The Czech Republic from 100% Genuine Czech Glass of the finest quality. These are the real deal!
  • HYGIENIC, SAFE, REUSABLE: Designed to be used multiple times, their non-porous glass surface prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria & fungus. Czech glass files can be washed, sterilised and re-used multiple times unlike other typical nail files.
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