Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer – Green Enzyme Drain Cleaner Attacks Odor Source with Advanced Bio-Linking Technology - Perfect for Kitchen Sink, Shower Drain, Bathroom Sink, Utility Sink

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  • ADVANCED MOLECULAR DRAIN SMELL ELIMINATOR TECHNOLOGY: Don't just mask bad drain smells with a drain cleaner stick. Our professional drain deodorizer and cleaner liquid eliminates odors by linking to the foul odor atoms and changing their molecular composition. This causes the smell to no longer be detected by the human nose. This natural bio-enzymatic process effectively deodorizes your kitchen, bath sink or any drains. Unlike man-made deodorizers, our biological product has a fresh scent
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA CREATES PREVENTIVE BIO-FILM: Not just a garbage disposal deodorizer, our multi use bio-enzyme sink drain cleaner is a concentrated formula with up to 16 treatments. Regular use creates a bio-film on drain pipes that prevent future bad smelling drains, and keep your drains clean. Tough on fats and grease yet gentle on piping, this premium disposer cleaner works in your house, kitchen, bathtub, industrial drains like a bar sink, and a perfect shower drain odor eliminator
  • AN EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICAL SOLVENTS: Our bio enzymatic disposer cleaner is a powerful sink deodorizer that naturally and efficiently breaks down oils, fats, and grease. These build-up overtime and clog your drains and plumbing. With our unique Xion Lab sink odor eliminator technology, we created a specialized strand of enzymes that work faster and harder than man-made cleaners to break down bacteria, unclog piping, and deodorize smelly drains without the use of harsh chemical compounds
  • SEPTIC SAFE AND EASY ON PLUMBING: Because our food disposal cleaner and drain odor-eliminator is acid-free, this product doesn't cause heat or pressure to build, which typically is a side-effect of most unclogging agents. This can jeopardize the joints and plastic plumbing in your home. Our bacterial strains are formulated for septic systems as well. This specialized Xion Lab formula also protects your equipment by creating a bio-film that naturally prevents future blockage and accumulation.
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY AND ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: With no harsh chemicals, acids, caustics, phosphates, or chlorine, you can rest easy knowing our enzyme garbage disposal treatment won't cause long-term harm to you, your loved ones, or mother nature. This safe disposal freshener won't burn or stain your skin, carpeting, or clothing if it comes into contact. It produces no adverse smells or VOCs that pollute the air and, because it isn't chlorinated, it doesn't contaminate ground water.

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