Four Seasons Essentials Queen Mattress Protector - Zippered Bedbug Waterproof Mattress Cover, Premium Quality Hypoallergenic Bed Encasement

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Premium Quality Queen Mattress Encasement by Four Seasons Essentials! Protect Your Mattress from Liquids, Dust, Perspiration, Stains and Protect Yourself from Allergies! Queen size six-sided zippered encasement Stretchable cover fits any queen size mattress that is 12" to 18" deep Breathable fabric is noiseless and smooth under your sheets 100% Waterproof Machine washable Top Surface: 100% Polyester; Inside Backing: 100% Polyurethane Easy Installation: Full zipper wraps most of the way around your mattress making it easy to open the cover up and put your mattress in. Simply unzip the zipper and place your mattress in the sealed end. Zip up, over the top, and around of the three sides of your mattress for a perfect fit. Velcro Zipper Seal & Tie Down: Nothing gets through our Velcro zipper seal system with tie downs (tie strings included). Designed to keep the zipper from coming open, and for extra protection. When the zipper is fully zipped, close the Velcro flap and pull the zipper through the zipper hole, tie the zipper down, and press firmly to seal the Velcro cover to complete installation. 3” Polyester Zipper Lining: Also featuring a 3” secondary polyester lining, wrapping all around the zipper. This extra strip of fabric gives added support to the zipper section of the mattress cover. Added material on top and bottom of the zipper helps protect against any liquids and contaminants that may try to seep through the zipper section. Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm. Rinse cold. Wash encasement alone for best results. After washing flip the encasement inside out so the waterproof backing faces out and run the machine for an extra spin cycle. Drying Instructions: Tumble dry on low heat only to line dry. For faster drying, add 1-2 large dry towels.


  • BEDBUG PROTECTION: Seal away bed bugs for good! Our premium zippered encasements are equipped with a Velcro zipper seal and tie down loop to ensure that nothing gets in! Say good-bye to troublesome pests that can ruin your mattress and bring discomfort to your life. Take precaution and save money on expensive pest control treatments - live worry-free knowing that your mattress is shielded from bedbugs. Be smart and protect your investment with a quality mattress encasement!
  • ALLERGY RELIEF: Do you suffer from allergies? Hypoallergenic construction and an impenetrable cover help you stay healthy and breathe easy. With our high quality mattress protectors, you are shielded from irritating allergen contaminants that can sneak into the deep layers of your mattress! Sleeping on an unprotected mattress can expose you to many different types of allergens making it difficult to breathe and sleep. Seal out dust, pet hair and allergens for good!
  • WATERPROOF: Whether you have pets or kids, accidents and spills happen. This 100% waterproof mattress protector has a polyurethane inner lining that blocks liquids and moisture from getting in. Liquids easily seep through to deeper layers of your mattress and are almost impossible to remove. Simply wrap your mattress in our premium cover, zipper seal all the way around, and your mattress will remain waterproof, dry and protected!
  • COMFORT & EASE: Stretchable, breathable fabric keeps liquids, contaminants and allergens out without compromising comfort. Designed to be soft and completely noiseless, you will not see or hear crinkles under your sheets. Our mattress covers have a full zipper that wraps all the way around three sides of the mattress. No more struggling squeezing your mattress into difficult encasements, simply place your mattress in the sealed end and zip all the way around it for a perfect fit.
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Made of high quality polyester (surface) and polyurethane (inside lining). Featuring a 3" secondary polyester lining wrapping all around the zipper seam for additional durability and added shape and support. Intended for daily sleep and strong enough for heavy duty protection from liquids and bugs. This six-sided stretch fabric zippered mattress encasement is built to fit any queen size mattress that is 12" to 18" deep. Machine washable for easy cleaning and lasting use.

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