Fiery Chef 12.6” Bamboo Pizza Peel - Lightweight Smooth Wooden Pizza Paddle and Pizza Cutting Board with 8 Slice Grooves, Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories, 19.7 Inch x 12.6 Inch

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Summary Fiery Chef Pizza Peel is the perfect peeler and paddler for your pizza. It is a timeless tool for every home chef, professional pizza chef, pizza parlors, and bread makers. Materials: 100% All Natural (Moso) Bamboo Fiery Chief products are made from a bamboo commonly referred to as Moso. Bamboo is 16% harder than maple wood (commonly used for cutting boards), 33% lighter weight than oak and yet can be as strong as steel. It holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective. Bamboo has changed the way the world uses bamboo, as a viable alternative to our precious hardwood trees. Color of Bamboo We do not use artificial dyes or stains. Our bamboo comes in two colors, light and dark. (Note: Light is the natural color of the bamboo. Dark is a richer, honey color, which is achieved by cooking or steaming the bamboo and caramelizes the natural sugars in the fiber. This color is permanent and will not fade or wash out). Use Use Fiery Chef's Pizza Peel to transfer pizzas, bread and other baked goods to and from the oven, outdoor grill and wood fired ovens. Immaculate to be used as a serving tray! 1. Sprinkle with flour, cornmeal or milled wheat bran to allow the pizza, bread and baked goods to slide easily onto the peel. 2. Carefully place onto a pizza stone, baking sheet or tray with the peel. 3. Once finished cooking, slide out the pizza, bread or baked goods from the oven using the peel. 4. Enjoy and serve! Pizza Peel Care 1. Simply wash the pizza peel in warm water with mild soap. 2. Do not soak it. Rinse with clean water. Do not place on wet countertops. 3. To prevent drying of pizza peel, once washed and dried, treat your pizza peeler with food safe oil. Always wash board after preparing raw meats to avoid food contamination. 4. Please note that the pizza peel is not safe for dishwasher.


  • STURDY; Made from three layers of the bamboo laminate - it will keep it from cracking. When cared for properly, Fiery Chef's Bamboo pizza peel will not split, warp or splinter. Your hands are the only ones you've got, don't get splinters in them by buying cheaply produced peels. Also has a smooth oiled surface for a splinter free and attractive finish. We crafted our best ever premium quality pizza peel that will keep everyone in the family safe from germs.
  • LARGE PEEL SURFACE AND LARGE SIZE; Our pizza peel features a large 19.7 x 12.6 inch surface ( including handle ) which is a perfect size for standard home ovens. The peel is the perfect size and length for your home kitchen. At approximately 0.6 inch thick, it's sturdy and does not bend or flex; yet, is not heavy. Actual peel surface, excluding handle, is approximately 12.6 X 13.8 inch.
  • EASY GRIP HANDLE AND WALL HANGING HOLE; Our handle is designed to make holding the paddle comfortable and more emotion. Even when topped with your homemade or shop bought pizza, it makes food preparation and baking fun and simple. Easy cleaning - just hand wash with warm water. A wall-hanging hole has been included for easier storing and practicality. Bamboo has properties that naturally fight against bacteria and is hard enough to prevent deep knife grooves where bacteria thrive.
  • TAPERED EDGES AND MULTI-PURPOSE; Our specially formulated design means the front edge slides smoothly under pizzas, breads or other baked goods with ease. Easily slide pizza in and out of the hot oven. The possibilities for this product don't just end with pizzas. Use it for placing and removing bread and other baking goods to and from the oven. Use it as a bread, cheese and cutting board - not to mention it's perfect to use as a serving block. It's extremely practical for everyday use.
  • 180 DAY GUARANTEE; We care deeply about our customers. That's why we want to make your experience as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. We are so confident with the quality of our pizza peel, our pizza peels are backed up by a 180 day guarantee! Order NOW - it's a risk-free purchase!

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