Faucet Water Filter, Shower Water Filter, Washing Machine Filter System, Support Multi-Scene Installation, efficient Filtration of Hard Water, Removal of Chlorine and Fluoride

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Scene use:water filter, faucet water filter, tankless water heater filter, faucet filter , hard water filter, washing machine filter, RV water filter, filtered shower head,water heater filter,shower head filter for hard water, washing machine water filter, under sink filter, shower head filter, water pipe pre-filter ,shower filter, shower filter hard water,in line water filter. 2. Wide range of uses, important: screws must be tightened during installation, otherwise a small amount of water may seep out, please check the seal. It will be carefully checked and tested before shipment. When installing this alkaline water filter into a washing machine, please check the compatibility of this model connection before placing your order to avoid the need to purchase a separate model 3/4" connection matching kit in the event that the connection is not compatible with the connection of an earlier vintage washing machine. This water filtration solution is usually a direct fit for all 1/2" internal and external threads. If you have any installation questions, please consult our professional technicians before purchasing. 3.Large capacity, can hold 550ml of water, water flow through the experimental testing, data science, sufficient water, water pressure is stronger, under normal circumstances than the ordinary cartridge dilution of water flow is smaller, really effective filtration intercept harmful substances, can intercept harmful substances cartridge is the real quality cartridge. The sealing ring is made of imported food-grade silica gel, which effectively seals against water leakage and can be used by direct installation and tightening. The Water Filter material complies with European EC1935-2004 regulations, Quality inspection is qualified and ROHS, REACH, NSF42,BPA free certification is obtained. The filter is transparent and easy to identify. Depending on the water quality, the cartridge can be replaced once every 3~6 months. Please replace the cartridge with a new one in time to obtain healthy and clean water. Replacement Filter Cartridge ASIN: B0B319FM6J HLFNJMT-Your nearby water health experts, we have been persistent efforts for healthy water ......


  • 【Water Purifier】Multi-functional filter with built-in 6-layer mesh composite cartridge effectively removes chlorine and fluoride, impurities, floating matter, large particles, sediment, metal dust, residue, sediment, odor and other deep sediments, providing you with soft and healthy water. Effectively avoid clogging of washing machines, water heaters, faucets, fish tank pipes, extend the service life, and solve troubles for life.
  • 【Large capacity mesh cartridge efficient filtration】 6.6 inches (about 17 cm) transparent fixed water purifier built-in installation of 3.9 inches (about 10 cm) of 6 layers of mesh composite activated carbon fiber material pressed together into the cartridge, can accommodate 0.132 gallons (about 0.5 liters) of water depth filtration, efficient water purification, sufficient water output, water filtration effect transparent and easy to see. The cartridge is cleaned or replaced every 5-8 months.
  • 【Multi-scene Application】This water purifier experiences different water multi-scenes: washing dishes, dishes, and hands in the kitchen; bathing in hot and cold water, brushing teeth, rinsing mouth, and removing makeup in the bathroom; washing clothes and bedding in the laundry room; water purification and filtration in the living room fish tank. Protect your water, skin, environment, make your washed clothes cleaner and enjoy good skin again.
  • [Easy Installation] Installs to any 1.9" (approx. 1.9 cm) pipe in less than 5 minutes. This filter set is easy to install and remove. Be sure to tighten to check when installing (Hint: When connecting to a washing machine, you will need to purchase a 1/2 male and female plumbing fitting for easy installation, in other scenarios installation is straightforward and no plumbing fitting is required. (Installation for all use cases can be found in the pictures)
  • [Support Provided] Fluoride Water Filter aims for a superior customer experience and your health so you can buy with confidence. Your order comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty! If you have any problems, please let us know and we will fix the problem within 12 hours.

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