F is for FART: A rhyming ABC children's book about farting animals

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Product Description This is a book about farts. Yes, farts. It's also about ABCs, rhymes, and animals - but it's mostly about farts, and making you and your loved ones laugh about farts. Each letter stands for an animal and is accompanied by a rhyme, which are all short and stinky - much like farts are stinky. We hope you think this book stinks in all the right ways. What are the right ways? I'm glad you asked. We've got farts which smell, farts that BOOM, farts that splat, farts that upset your nose and send you for a tumble. We've even got farts so bad you could use them in a rumble. Was it you? Was it me? No, of course not – it was the animals! We've got animals from Australia, China, and even Madagascar! We've got animals from the east and animals from the west; animals from near and animals from far! We've got animals which fly high in the sky and those that swim deep in the sea! We've even got animals which are imaginary and some which are extinct, but keep that between you and me! Some are from rivers, some live in trees! Just buy the book and you – you will see; just buy the book - just buy it, please! Worried, we've skipped a letter or your favorite animal? I don't think so! We've got A for Antelope, B for Badger, C for Camel, D for Dinosaur, E for Elephant, F for Ferret, G for Giraffe, H for Hare, I for Iguana, J for Jaguar, K for Kangaroo, L for Lemur, M for Manatee, N for Narwhal, O for Otter, P for Pelican, Q for Qinling Panda, R for Rhino, S for Sloth, T for Turtle, U for Unicorn, V for Vervet Monkey, W for Whale, X for X-Ray Tetra, Y for Yak, and Z for Zebra. If your kids love farts as much as ours, we're sure this book will be a favorite, so please consider adding it to your library. Mr. Smelt It and Mrs. Dealt It Review 5 STARS Hilarious ABC Animal Book for Kids! "For those parents out there wondering about what could help your young children learn their ABC's, "F is For FART: A rhyming ABC children's book about farting animals" is a perfect instrument for combining learning and humor that your children will absolutely love. This book provides a great perspective on how to get young children to pay attention by beautifully drawn illustrations, interesting animals, great rhyming scheme, and non-stop laughter. I have never had so much fun reading this book multiple times with my three young children. The difficult process was deciding on which animal fart was our favorite, but we settled on the Camel. My children could not stop laughing at "all camels have farts that smell like poo!" I highly recommend this book for everyone and even adults because we still laugh about farting. If your children are upset, I suggest reading this book to them to put them in a much better mood."  -Amazon Review  5 STARS Best baby alphabet book! This is one of the funniest baby books ever! I got this as a baby shower gift for my friend and she absolutely loved it! Not only is it hilarious, it's educational too!! 5.0 out of 5 stars  This book is hilarious  !- Amazon Reviewer 5 STARS My 2 year old and I both love this book. It gets us both giggling whenever we read it together. Would make a great gift for any kid (or adult!) who loves fart humor. -Amazon Review 5 STARS A funny book for kids! I purchased this book as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter. She is a beginning reader and absolutely loved it. In an age when kids are glued to device screens, it warmed my heart to be able to share the experience of reading a real book for a change. Not only was she able to read the words, she actually read the entire book to me and share laugh after laugh. I highly recommend this book to anyone who cherishes time with their kids/grandkids. -Amazon review 5 STARS Great book for some fun summer reading! Cute and fun to read!- Amazon Reviewer 5 STARS Reading motivation for a silly 😜 Pre-K Fun and silly way to entice my 4y

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