EZR life All-In-1 Remote Control Holder, Caddy, Organizer, Also Holds Phones, Tablets, Books, Glasses (8 Compartments, Up To 14 Remotes) - Brown Leather

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Can't find the remotes again? Now, at any time find them exactly where you left them! In the EZR life All-in-One organizer! Have many remotes or other things? No big deal! This organizer can fit up to 14 remotes! Or a couple of TV remotes, and an AC remote, and a smartphone, and a tablet or even a laptop, and a book or a magazine, and glasses, and earbuds, and earplugs, and a sleeping mask, and a pen etc. Your fantasy is the limit! Struggling to find the right place for your phone or tablet? Just put them in the organizer! It can hold just about any size of a smartphone or a tablet, even many laptops will fit. Need the gadgets charged? No problem! Just plug the charging cables in. This organizer allows passing the wires inside and connecting them to any gadget, no matter where their charging port is located. And while being charged, your devices will be standing upright, with a part of their displays seen, so you won't miss any notifications coming. Tight on space? While being able to hold so many things, this organizer is only 9.06 inches long, 6.70 inches wide and 6.07 inches tall. So it would fit anywhere: by your bedside, on your desk, next to the TV, on some couches armrests and so on. Concerned about safety? This organizer is produced from safe materials. And unlike rotating caddies, this organizer doesn't have any moving or small parts. This means there is nothing to be broken, nothing to fall apart, nothing for your kids or pets to choke on. Also, it is sturdy and stable, will sit firmly on any surface. Never again waste your time searching for those little things, remembering where you left them! Just put them in the EZR life organizer. Your time is worth much more, save it for something that really matters! Get yourself organized with no effort! Make things simple, live the EZR life!


  • KEEP ALL YOUR THINGS ORGANIZED IN ONE PLACE BY YOUR HAND - 8 compartments that can hold either up to 14 remotes(!) or 3 remotes + a tablet + a phone + a book (e-book) + glasses + smaller things like pens, earphones etc. And the size of the organizer is just 9.06"x6.70"x6.07"
  • CHARGE YOUR GADGETS - the organizer fits any size of a smartphone + a tablet (or even a laptop) and has convenient holes for charging cables, so that your devices can be charged while sitting nicely in the organizer, plus you can see their displays so that you don't miss any notifications (no powerstrip inside and it's not needed)
  • RETRIEVE ITEMS EASILY - the height of the compartments is optimal for most items, so that they won't be falling out, but also won't be lost inside being hard to grab, and there is also one low compartment for smaller things like earbuds or small remotes
  • STORE GENTLY - having multiple compartments instead of a few large ones allows to store items separately, so that they won't be rubbing and scratching each other, plus the inside finish is soft suede, so don't worry about putting glasses in and out each time
  • STAY SAFE - the organizer is made from faux leather and other safe materials, and also it doesn't have any moving or small parts which could break apart and become hazardous for children or pets

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