Exlene Gamecube Controller Switch, Wireless Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite/PC/Android/iOS/Steam, Support Wake Up, Motion, Adjustable Rumble, Turbo & Auto Turbo (Upgraded, Black)

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If you want to recapture the good old days in Smash or want as close to a Gamecube experience without a Gamecube as you can get, you can’t go wrong with this Wireless GameCube Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This Super Smash Bros Switch Controller date all the way back to your days with melee in the mid 00's. It is a nostalgic controller in GameCube style, reminding you of your student years playing old school games all night long. It is also a switch controller allowing you play Smash and all switch games on switch/pc/android/ios. Basic Features for this Bluetooth GameCube controller for Nintendo Switch: 2022 newest upgraded version; Bluetooth communication; Compatible with: Switch, Switch Lite, OLED, PC, IOS, Android, Steam; Improved C-stick; Rechargeable internal battery via USB-C; Gyro functionality; Adjustable turbo and auto turbo; Adjustable Rumble/Vibration; Mildly improved D-pad; Can be charged from Switch while playing on it; Built-in rechargeable battery: 480mAh; 20+ hours of battery life. Weight: 184g Triggers are not analog; Responsive,Fast-action L/R & ZL/ZR Buttons,. The added shoulder buttons are a nice touch and make it comparable to an Xbox 360 controller for retro gaming.
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  • Full Button Layout with Switch Pro controller & High Compatibility: This Bluetooth Gamecube Controller is designed to recall the look and feel of a GameCube controller, but also let players have fun with Super Smash Bros and other switch games (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda,Breath of the Wild...etc). It features full button layout with any modern Switch Pro controller and support to play on Switch, Lite, PC, IOS, Android, Steam.
  • One-Button Wake-up & Work easily on PC: This gamecube switch controller support clicking the Home button to wake up the switch system when the game console is in sleep mode. Pairing is easy. This switch controller also syncs up very quickly on PC by a bluetooth dongle. (the dongle is not included in box. please purchase individually)Just plug in, press and hold the sync buttons, your PC/laptop will register the Wireless Gamecube Controller.
  • Turbo, Auto Turbo & Adjustable Rumble: Its turbo function is available by holding "T" button and pressing any botton (A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR) to come to Turbo version; Do it again to make the button you choosed to Auto Turbo. 3 levels (20s/s, 12s/s, 5s/s) are to meet different needs of different action shooters. This Wireless Switch Controller has a built in dual motors for vibration features by press "T" button and "+" or "-" to up and down the rumble feel you need. Five levels are for your choice.
  • Gyro Functionality & High Precision Joysticks: With the six-axis gyro sensor, this pro controller switch will ensure a precise direction control with sensitive and immersize expericence on all motion sensoring games. 360° no-dead zone joysticks and zero-delay keys are to improve user's gaming configuration and feel. The whole controller fit exact to your palm naturally with more comfortable holding feeling, it has ergonomics design.
  • A,B,X,Y button Swapping & Screenshot Functionality: You don't have to endure the button Chaos when playing PC game by using this switch wireless controller. Just hold down A.X.B.Y together to swap the buttons' bindings with the replacement typical of Xbox controllers. This Gamecube Nintendo Switch Controller has a screenshot button, you can capture and save screenshots of many screens, including scenes during gameplay.

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