European Travel Plug Power Adapter, TESSAN International US to The Most Europe Outlet Adapter, Lightweight, Cruise Ship Approve, Wall adaptor for EU Type C Country Such as Spain,Italy,Iceland(3Pack)

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TESSAN European Travel Plug Adapter(Type C)

This product is very suitable for overseas business office and travel to carry the use, while supporting the export of electrical products for use
Providing best quality products of newly-fashionable and superior with professional customer service for end-users
¡ñGrounded 3 Prong plug.Max Capacity Up to 2500 Watt (max 250 Volt,10 A)
¡ñAccepts plugs from all countries including
¡ñThese adapters will not work in South Africa.

Applicable area
Main Countries:Most of Europe
Other countries:Armenia/Austria/Azerbaijan/the Azores/the Balearic Islands/Belarus/Belgium/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Bulgaria/Croatia/the Czech Republic/Denmark/Estonia/Finland/France/Georgia/ Germany/Greece/ Hungary/Iceland/Italy/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Latvia/Lithuania/Luxembourg/Macedonia/Moldova/Monaco/Montenegro/the Netherlands/Norway/Poland/Portugal/Romania/Russia/Serbia/Slovakia/Slovenia/Spain/ Sweden/Switzerland/Tajikistan/Turkmenistan/Ukraine/Uzbekistan Algeria/Bahrain/the Cape Verde Islands/Chad/Egypt/the Republic of Guinea/Iran/Iraq/Jordan / Kuwait/Lebanon/Madeira/Mozambique/Niger/ Oman/Palestine/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Syria/Turkey/the United Arab Emirates/Yemen/Argentina/Aruba/Bolivia/Bonaire/Brazil/Chile/Curacao/Peru/Saba/Laos/Myanmar(Burma)

Package List
1x2Pack 3 Prong Grounded Plug Adapter.
?1xStorage bag

Universal,for more than 150 countries (except parts of Africa),universal conversion plug no voltage function,can not change the voltage,generally go abroad to carry digital products can be directly applied,without pressure, such as: notebooks, mobile phones,cameras,MP3 and other low-power electrical appliances;high-power electrical appliances such as microwave ovens,rice cookers,hair dryers,etc.also need to buy a dedicated transformer!


  • Type C European Adapter: 2 Prong Europe Wall plug, Compatible in most European countries and others such as Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, the Azores, the Balearic Islands, Belarus, Belgium, (Note: not WORK in UK or Ireland/Scotland, if need please choose our Type G adapter)
  • European Outlet travel adapter: Accept the standard N American 2 and 3 prong flat pin Plug (including polarized), Mini Adapter provide Tight Connection to your US Device;
  • TESSAN US to Europe travel power adapter plug is compatible with only Dual Voltage products and Electronics. It is not a voltage converter and it will not convert voltage from 220V to 110V or vice versa; Please check the rated of your device before use, especially Hair Clippers, Hair Dryers, Curling Irons etc;
  • With Ultra compact and Mini size design, Europe electric adapter is ideal for your business trip for saving more luggage space. no surge protection design, more suitable for your cruise ship trip;
  • Suitable for Any Occasions: TESSAN travel adapter is small size and suitable for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and college dorm room;

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