Epicord 16/3 Extension Cord Outdoor Extension Cord (50 ft) Orange Heavy Duty Extension Cord(Orange)

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*About Company
Set up in 1992, our company offers factory outlet service and has oversea location in California.
Any requests will be answered within 24 hours.

*About Product
Epicord outdoor extension cord consists of three conductors and a three-prong plug, grounded for safety.
The extension cord selects high quality wire rod, the surface is light, soft and easy to receive.
It is made of high quality PVC material, wear resistance material and good flame retardant performance so that it is safe to use.
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Epicord outdoor extension cord is the best choice for you to keep one in:

Outdoor extension cords can be hazardous.
Misuse can result in fire or death by electrical shock. Please read both sides carefully and follow
all directions.
Before Use
1.Inspect thoroughly before each use, do not use if damaged 
2.Look for the number of watts on appliance to be plugged into cord
3.See label on cord for specific wattage
4.Do not plug more than the specified number of watts into this cord
5.Do not run through doorways, holes in ceiling, walls or floor
6.Make sure appliance is off before connecting cord to outlet
7.Fully insert plug into outlet
8.Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or pins of cord 
9.Do not use excessive force to make connections

During Use
1.Keep away from water
2.keep children and pets away from cord
3.Do not plug one extension cord into another
4.Do not drive, drag or place objects over cord
5.Do not walk on cord

After Use
1.Grasp Plug to remove from outlet
2.Always store cord indoors
3.Always unplug when not in use
4.Do not unplug by pulling on cord


  • 【16 Gauge】50 ft, 3 prong, 13 amps, 125 VAC, 1625 watts, Orange, OUTDOOR, SOFT
  • 【100% Test】outdoor extension cord:Heavy-duty molded on plug ends with strain relief, heat-resistant PVC sleeve, In the production process [3 prong extension cord] 100% passed the manufacturer's test, Epicord outdoor extension cord to protect the safety of you and your family.
  • 【Heavy-duty outdoor extension cord】This heavy-duty outdoor extension cord features a durable vinyl cover for maximum protection., such as waterproof, antifreeze, sunscreen, dustproof, anti fall, wear-resisting, compression, Flame retardant, And has super soft characteristics.
  • Multi-function outdoor【sunscreen】extension cord: unlike other products! ! Other electrical extension cord long exposure appears protective sleeve cracking phenomenon, but this heavy duty extension cord will not have this phenomenon! In fact, the outdoor extension cord on Amazon fall into two categories, one is the Epicord outdoor extension cord, and the other is the "other" outdoor extension cord.
  • 【Epicord extension cord】widely used in landscaping, for vacuum cleaners, weed wacker, bush trimmer, leaf blower and electric lawn mower. Epicord is committed to product development and user experience, Customer satisfaction is the source of our continuous improvement. Whether now or in the future, "Customer first" is the eternal belief of our company.

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Epicord 163 Extension Cord Outdoor Extension Cord, is it available on Amazon?

Yes! But at Pricepulse we inform you when is the lowest price to buy the Epicord 163 Extension Cord Outdoor Extension Cord

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 77% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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