Enfamil Enfamom Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral, Supplement for Women with Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Omega 3 DHA, 90 softgels (3 month supply)

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Breastfed infants may get only 15% of the recommended level of vitamin D,† which is why Enfamil D-Vi-Sol is designed to complement your breast milk with the AAP-recommended daily amount in a 1 mL dose. Enfamil vitamins can be easily given by dispensing directly into the mouth or mixed with breast milk, formula, juice, cereal or other foods to increase acceptance. All Enfamil Pediatric Vitamins are gluten-free and have no artificial colors or artificial flavors. †The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • WHY PRENATAL VITAMINS? Nutrition plays a big role in your pregnancy. Getting enough folate, omega-3 DHA and calcium in your diet helps support your health as well as the development of your growing baby.
  • WHEN TO START TAKING PRENATALS? Three months ahead of conception is a good rule of thumb. That’s because so much of your baby’s development happens during the first few weeks of pregnancy—when you might not even realize you’re pregnant yet! Starting daily prenatal multivitamins early helps ensure that your body has essential nutrients you both need from the very start.
  • OMEGA-3 DHA is a fatty acid that aids in your baby’s brain and eye development. DHA is an important nutrient for babies before and after they’re born. Enfamom has expert-recommended levels of DHA (200 milligrams daily)
  • CALCIUM is important for the development of your baby’s precious little bones. Even though foods like yogurt and cheese contain calcium, a prenatal vitamin helps make sure that you and your baby are getting the recommended amount. This is especially important if you are lactose intolerant or just aren’t fond of dairy. Enfamom Advanced Prenatal Multivitamin was created with 25% MORE CALMIUM vs. other leading brand.
  • ACTIVE FOLATE is a B vitamin and is an absolute must for expecting moms. Folate acts by nourishing your baby’s developing nervous system and protecting them against certain birth defects, including spinal cord and brain abnormalities.
  • FREE FROM: Enfamom Advanced Prenatal Multivitamin has no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or sugar. No dairy or wheat ingredients were utilized in our multivitamin and there are also no known sources of gluten.

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 63% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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