Emergency Weather Crank Radio 4000mAh - Portable, Solar Powered, Hand Crank, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Aux Music Play, USB Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alarm, LED Flashlight for Hurricanes,Tornadoes

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What is our original intention of designing this emergency weather radio? We can't stop the disaster, but we hope our emergency solar crank radio can accompany you through this difficult period and give you some help when the disaster comes. This emergency weather alert radio has weather alert function, which can automatically monitor the early warning of disaster weather, remind you of the arrival of bad weather in advance, and prepare in advance. This crank radio flashlight cell phone charger can let you charge your cell phone when the batttery is dead, let you contact your family and friends to confirm their safety. This hand crank noaa weather radio can let you turn on the flashlight in case of blackout and darkness, and bring you a little light, so that you don't have to be too afraid. You can charge wind up radio by hand crank in case of power failure, so that the radio can last longer in case of power failure. As an emergency preparedness tool not only performs well in emergency use, but also has excellent performance in daily use. Singing cicadas in summer, open FM/AM channels in a cozy afternoon, enjoying a wonderful music and relax yourself. When you take your child to a picnic, kids play kites and adults enjoy food and chat.Take it with you.This solar powered weather radio's AUX connection function could bring you favorite music. When you climb, you carry all kinds of climbing tools on your back. Take it with you. This emergency weather radio 4000mah has a portable handle, which can be easily carried on your hand or tied to your bag. Add it to the shopping cart, not only to help you in case of emergency, but also to bring you joy in daily use.Get it!


  • 【Ready for Emergency 】This noaa weather radio is a versatile unit ,which broadcast the lastest weather and hazard information for your area in time , such as earthquake, hurricanes, winter storms and other natural disasters,ensuring that best preparation for it in advance.Using FM, AM and NOAA weather forecast station, you can also get the latest weather broadcasting even in non-stormy weather.
  • 【No Electricty?Don't Worry!】Putting in the dilemma of blackout?Staring at a dead phone battery in the storm?Don't worry.A 4000mAH power bank charge your phone in an emergency or disaster. During a power cut, the fully battery operated radio provides up to 18-20 hours of flashlight time or 18-20 hours of radio play(depending on the sound volume)or 30-35 hours of AUX music play,let you out of the dark and don't feel bored.
  • 【4 Ways to Keep Power】 It's not just direct charging by USB cable,but also supporting hand-crank powered , solar powered and battery charged.When the electricity saved by the radio is used up, don't worry. You can also charge it by Cranking or Solar Charging to ensure that the radio has electricity to accompany you through the blackout period.Or using AAA dry batteries for power supply,it is more simply and convenient.
  • 【LCD Screen&Weather Alert】This weather alert radio has LCD screen which gives you a clear picture of the remaining electricity,volume,channel information.And this emergency radio has weather alert function.Once receives bad weather information,"ALERT" will flash on the screen and the device will alarm.Prepare you for disaster in advance and keep you safe in the event of disaster.
  • 【 Multi Function& Service Gurantee】The emergency radios with 4000 mAh battery capacity, flashlight and SOS warning, comes with AUX music players, is suitable for outdoor activities.Such as camping,hiking,cambing.We guaranty a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer service to make it no risk for your purchase.

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