Electric Mini Garlic Chopper.Portable Chopper.Blender Food Process for Meat,Fruit,Nuts.Ubs,IP68 Waterproof,Flush Directly,Food Grade Material,Double cup,Double blade.

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【PRODUCT PACKAGING】: 1. Two 304 stainless steel food grade blades. 2. Two cups (250ML+100ML). 3. A charging cable. 4. An instruction sheet. 5. A scraper. The scraper can help you pour the cut food from the cup more conveniently . two cups, you can choose different cups according to your needs, which is more convenient to use and allows you to process more food at the same time. 【SPECIFICATIONS】: Brand: StAider Capacity: 250ml+100ml Power supply: ubs charging Rated power: 30w Battery voltage: 3.7v It can be used for about 30 times per charge, which means that if you travel with it, it can be used for two weeks or even longer 【INSTRUCTIONS】: Instructions: 1. Install the blade in the cup. 2. Put the chopped food into the cup. 3. Close the lid and click the switch. 4. Remove food after 3-10 seconds. 5. Rinse with water, dry and place. 【Tips】: 1. For your safety, our products are designed with safety switches. Please ensure that the lid is properly closed. Please be careful of the blade when taking out the food. If you want to cut larger food, you can divide it into small pieces and put it into the cup. This will be faster. 2. We designed a rubber plug at the charging port. Please make sure that the plug is closed when cleaning to prevent water from entering and damaging the machine. Although the machine is waterproof, please do not soak it in water for a long time. It is not just a garlic chopper. The sharp blade allows you to process more food. It can be a meat chopper, nut chopper, or food chopper. It can help you make complementary foods, onions, vegetables, pumpkins, and so on.


  • <p>🍱</p>【FRESH&NO WASTED】Compared with the old-fashioned large-capacity mixer, you can prepare a small amount of ingredients each time. You can cut garlic, several peppers, or a lemon. Under the premise of ensuring cooking, small capacity design Not only will it not cause waste, but it is more suitable for the baby's Small appetite, ensuring that every meal is fresh. Upgraded have 2 blades and 2 cups(250ml+100ml) , It is very cost-effective
  • <p>🍖</p>【EASY TO USE】Solve the uneven particles caused by your traditional manual shredding, which will affect your cooking. Now StAider Mini Chopper allows you to make exquisite and delicious food at home, just like in Michelin restaurants. Few seconds to complete the preparation of the food, and get rid of the troubles encountered in traditional manual chopping.So that You will no longer shed tears or cough because of chopped peppers and onions
  • <p>🌮</p>【QUALITY MATERIALS AND SAFE】The blade made of grade 304 steel is vwill not rust and meet safety standards. The cup body is made of high-strength pc material, can afford 300 degrees Fahrenheit, does not release harmful substances,durable.We pay attention to your food safety, which is very important. It also equipped with an intelligent induction switch. Only when you completely cover the cover ,it will be energized to work, thus avoiding the danger caused by misoperation.
  • <p>🥑</p>【USB CHARGING】Compared with the old blender, the StAider Mini Chopper is more convenient to use. You don't have to worry about finding a socket to plug in when you are cooking, which is very troublesome. Now you only need to pick it up and click it, which is very fast and convenient. The built-in 1200 mAh battery means that it can also be used when traveling, camping, and RV travel. It can be used for 30-35 times on one charge.
  • <p>🍋</p>【EASY TO CLEAN】The old product, because of its large size, is troublesome to clean, and it is not waterproof, so you can't soak it in the sink. Our product can be disassembled in multiple parts and is waterproof. You can easily take it apart and rinse directly with water, which is very convenient.

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