E.Durable Nintendo Screwdriver Set 18 in 1 Professional Full Tri wing Security Screwdrivers Gamebit Repair Tool Kit for Nintendo Switch JoyCon New 3DS/Wii/NES/SNES/DS Lite/GBA/Gamecube

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All the tools you need to open all version of Nintendo Consoles Controllers and related devices, Also, this Tool Kits works on Xbox, Computer, Mac, and many other modern Electronics
Included: Gamebit - 3.8MM 4.5MM Nut driver, Triwing- Y0 Y00, Torx TR6 TR10 and T6 TR8 ( L key), Philips - PH00. Screwdriver Tools made of CRV S2 Steel with Magnetic Tips
Also included is a pair of tweezers and a double end pry bar, pry bar set, a long brush, triangle Opening picks, small suction cups, cleaning cloth, suitable for repair work on your devices

1 x Triwing Screwdriver Y2.0
1 x Triwing Screwdriver Y00
1 x 3.8mm Nut Screwdriver
1 x 4.5mm Nut Screwdriver
1 x Torx Security T6
1 x Torx Security T10
1 x Short L Wrench ( torx key T6 and TR8 )
1 x Phillips Screwdriver ( PH00 )
1 x ESD-15 Precision Tweezer
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Double end Pry Tool (random color)
2 x Small Suction Cup
2 x Triangle Opening picks
2 x Safe Plastic Pry Opening Bar (random color)

Gamebit 3.8mm Screwdriver Opens: Original NES game cartridge, Super NES game cartridge, NES 64 game cartridge, Original Game Boy game cartridge, Game Boy Color game cartridge, Virtual Boy game cartridge, Sega Game Gear game cartridge
Gamebit 4.5mm Screwdriver Opens: Sega Master System game cartridge, Sega Genesis System game cartridge, Sega 32x System game cartridge, Super NES console, NES 64 console, Game Cube console, Virtual Boy console, Game Gear console, TurboGrafx 16 console,TurboDuo console
Phillips #2 and Tri-point Y2.0 Y00 Screwdriver Tool opens: (All Nintendo Phillips screws and Triwing screws) NES Switch, NES Wii, NES DS, NES DSL, NES GBA, NES Game Boy Original

What's in the Box?
1 * 18 in 1 Waterproof Tool Bag

Make fixing simple with the help of E.Durable Tool Kit


  • WIDELY APPLICATION: premium Nintendo game repair tool kits to repair your Nintendo products Consoles and controllers, Nintendo Switch, New 3DS, New 2DS, SNES Classic (2017), Wii /DS /DS Lite /GBA, Xbox, Playstation, Computer, etc
  • NEWEST GAMEBIT SET: special triwing Y00 Y2.0, game bits security nut driver 3.8mm 4.5mm, Torx security TR6 TR10, TR8/T6 L Key Screwdriver, Phillips 2.0
  • RELATED PRY KITS: angled ESD precision tweezers, long cleaning brush, safe plastic pry bar opening tool kit, triangle Opening picks, small Suction Cup, cleaning cloth. in case damage your game devices, the Safe Opening Pry Tools allows for opening and internal cleaning of games DIY and battery replacement, and triangle paddle makes the processing of disassembly easier
  • HUMANNIZED DESIGN: anti-slid big and Handy bits made by durable high quality steel, others bits made by S2 steel with Magnetic tips which make your work more efficiency, the brush is great for cleaning up the machine, razor, cellphone, computers, keyboard and hard-to-reach spaces
  • PORTABLE ZIPPERED BAG: all come in one zippered comfortable waterproof case, its a must tool box for all game players, own it, you saved your time and your game devices as weel as the environment, if you have friends who paly Nintendo Xbox PS games, this is a very gift choice for him/her

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