Edgeless Microfiber Towels for Cars – 6 Pk - 12”x12” Сar Detailing Towels – Reusable Car Wash Towels – Best for Scratch-Free Car Interior Cleaning

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Mighty Cleaner offers microfiber towels for cars to vehicle owners who care... If you love your car, and want to keep it always clean and shiny, you came to the right place. Between all available car wash stuff on a market, it is very easy to get lost when making your decision on which product is the best. While other try to sell "all purpose" microfiber cleaning cloth for cars, we are staying honest with our customers, sharing our professional car care experience with them.

Mighty Cleaner's car drying towel microfiber is 540 gsm thick. It is the softest edgeless microfiber towel, and is best if used as a car drying towel. You can of-course use it for washing, but there is nothing better that a shammy towel for this purpose. Please, check our storefront to take a close look on our other care care products. Ok, getting back to our car microfiber towel, this plush microfiber towel is ideal for picking up dust from your car interior, as well as for drying some small amounts of water from outside, as it is lint free too. Our car towel is a perfect solution to give your car the perfect shine that it deserves.

At such an affordable cost, you will receive 6 microfiber car towels. 3 come in black and 3 in yellow. You may separate those car towels for different needs, or just use any color you prefer. We made our car cleaning cloth in a comfortable 12"x12" size, to be easily fitted in any car glove compartment, doorway or armrest. This size will help you keep our microfiber drying towel close to you and within reach.

If you're stuck when choosing your next car wash towels, drying will become a joy with Mighty Cleaner, there is no doubt!


  • ✅COMPACT MICROFIBER TOWELS FOR CARS - We offer 12" x 12" car towels, which are handy and will easily fit into any car doorway, glove compartment or armrest. You can easily find bigger towels, but definitely not better ones. This size makes our microfiber cleaning cloth for cars almost unnoticeable in your car, and at the same time, always easily reachable. If you don't like to see dust on your sweet car interior, this product is what you need.
  • ✅MULTIPURPOSE 6 PACK - Our car wash towels drying capabilities can be used not only for automotive purposes. Feel free to use it on variety of other surfaces, including household windows, tiles, dishes, mirrors or glasses...This microfiber towel car features 3 black and 3 yellow cloths, which are made of thick fabric that absorbs up to 10 times its weight in liquid. You can safely machine wash it at a low temperature, if it gets dirty.
  • ✅WE GOT YOU COVERED - If, for any reason, you do not like our car drying towels, Mighty Cleaner will return your money with no questions asked, as we stand for our customers to the end. Try the product, with no risks!
  • ✅GENTLE CARE OF YOUR VALUED CAR - Our edgeless microfiber towel will not leave any scratch on your car surface, unlike a car microfiber towel with stiff seams on its edges. This super plush microfiber towel offered by Mighty Cleaner is the softest car cleaning cloth available. This makes it absolutely the safest car towel ever, which could be used on any sensitive surface. It picks up dirt and holds it deep in its structure, preventing scratches while gentle microfiber is polishing your car
  • ✅LINT FREE CAR DRYING TOWEL - This incredibly soft microfiber drying towel will not leave lint residues in your car. Mighty Cleaner is well-known for it's highest quality car wash products. Our shammy towel can remove big amounts of water, while the car drying towel microfiber finishes the job providing natural shine. It's recommended to use both products for a better car washing experience. CAUTION: our microfiber car towels should be machine washed at a low temperature and dried with soften

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 58% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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