EANCEIL Baby Hair Clipper, Vacuum Auto Sucking Snipped Hair Electric Kids Hair Trimmer, Ultra-Quiet Haircut Kit for Infants Kids and Adults, Cordless Rechargeable Waterproof. (White) (White)

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EANCEIL, DO MORE THAN YOU THINK The EANCEIL vacuum auto sucking snipped hair series baby hair clipper allows your baby to get a professional haircut in the comfort of your own home. The auto sucking feature, safer cutting system, ultra-silent motor, cordless rechargeable, full washable, detachable and child safe design makes cutting hair a pain-free, easy and relax experience for you and your baby. Easy to Get Different Hair Lengths and Hairstyles This baby hair trimmer comes with guide combs and multiple hairstyle models. Each side of guide comb cuts to a different fixed hair length. 8 hairstyle models with these guided combs, allow you can safely and easily trim your baby's hair, and get a creative hair styles. Even you are a novice mother. Suitable for Different Hair Types and Different ages. This kids hair clipper is suitable for different hair types, such as straight or curly blond hair, Africa curly hair, Asian black hair. And suitable for different ages. From one month infants to kids, even adults. Easy to Use and Clean. The kids haircut kit equipped with detachable cutting unit and snipped hair collection box. The box adopts magnetic adsorption design. Simply rinse the blades, accessories and this clipper under running water for quick, hygienic cleaning. Fast Charging and Plug-in Use. Full charge time only needs 1.5 hours, and the continuous operation time is more than 60 minutes. This 's a excellent battery performance. If the power runs out during use, you can also plug it in wall socket for continuous use. What’s in Box EANCEIL haircut kit comes with multiple Accessories, which will meet all your needs for a haircut. 1 Baby Hair Clipper 1 Ear Contouring Comb 3 Fixed-Length Combs 1 Bottle of Lubricant Oil 1 Cleaning Brush 8 Hairstyle Models 1 Haircut Cape 1 User Manual


  • 【Vacuum Auto Sucking Snipped Hair】 This technology makes getting a haircut at home become easier and more relaxed! Baby maybe will feel uncomfortable when hairs fall down on their face and neck, EANCEIL baby hair clippers own more sucking hair power and built-in larger collection box. The most of snipped hairs will be sucked into the collection box automatically. Which will makes your baby feel more relaxed and also greatly reducing your work of cleaning up snipped hair after a hair clipping.
  • 【Optional Sucking Design】 This design allows you can choose to suck hair or not to during a hair trimming. You can follow your habits, or depends on the needs of trimming different hairstyles or different parts to choose to suck hair or not. For example, when you need to do a delicate trim, or to create a particular hairstyle, you can temporarily turn off the sucking function, which will make you more focused on clipping. EANCEIL, Do more than your think!
  • 【Longer Size Cutting Unit】Extended cutting unit allow this hair trimmer can also quickly capture and trim adult's hair, saving the clipping time. This hair clipper not only for babies or children, but also for adults. It has a wider range of applications, higher utilization and is more suitable for family choices.
  • 【Safer Cutting System】Widened R blades design, match for ceramic swing blades and stainless steel positioning blades, not only let this clipper easier to use, but also more safe to your baby. This design makes the outside of the cutting unit more round. And the finer tooth make the inside of the cutting unit sharper. This cutting system allows you easier to get a more efficient, safe, and comfortable trimming. This is completely a child-friendly hair cutter. You can choose it without hesitation.
  • 【Ultra-quiet, Cordless Rechargeable, Full washable & Detachable】The running sound volume of this haircut kit is like your whisper, extremely quiet, won't disturb your baby. It's cordless and rechargeable. Full charge only needs 1.5 hours, and continuous operation time is more than 60 minutes. Cordless allows you to get rid of the winding mess of the wire. You can arrange your baby a haircut anywhere. Full washable and detachable design make the cleaning work after haircut extremely simple.

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