DuraSteel Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf 72" Wide x 14" Deep Commercial Grade - NSF Certified - Good for Restaurant, Bar, Home, Kitchen, Laundry, Garage and Utility Room

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Are you looking for quality stainless steel wall mount shelves? Shelves that are easy to install, save space and are extremely durable even after hard commercial usage? Or maybe wall-mounted steel racks with solid weight capacity? Well, you have all that in Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf by DuraSteel. Imagine having 18 gauge stainless steel shelving that is: • Ready for commercial use in restaurants, bars • Rust-proof & corrosion-resistant • Easy to install by yourself • Finely hairline brushed for a premium finish that boosts kitchen interior • Sturdy, strong and durable with solid 250lbs capacity • NSF approved, food safe & easy to clean Where does it serve the purpose? We offer this supreme stainless steel shelf in 14 different sizes to fit for different usage and at various location such as • Business/Commercial • Home • Restaurant • Bar • Kitchen • Garage • Laundry room • Utility Room Dimension and Specification • Size: 72”W x 14”D x 12”H • Material: Stainless Steel • Finish Type: Hairline Brushed Finish • Installation Type: Wall Mount • Wall Brackets: 3 • Accessories: Flat Washers, acorn nuts and assembly manual (wall fastening hardware not included) By DuraSteel - Quality You Can See With highest quality kitchen appliances, tens of thousands of happy restaurant and homeowners. DuraSteel is your #1 choice for commercial appliances. Shop smart, shop DuraSteel. *Surface imperfections such as scratches or scuffs may be found on the product. This is absolutely normal based on the fact that the product is designed and used in a commercial environment * *Please make sure the material of the wall is able to support such weight of loading capacity, DuraSteel will not be held accountable if there is any damage caused by the wall not being able to support the weight.* Our Promise If you have any concern about the product packaging or problem with product damages, please don’t hesitate to contact us via order page or ask a question via seller page. We will try our best to answer your questions in order to provide quality service and great purchasing experience.


  • Say Yes to A More Practical Kitchen - Get these industrial quality wall mount shelves by DuraSteel for commercial duty and embrace practicality and neatness in your restaurant/ bar/coffee shop kitchen. Top-notch commercial 18-gauge stainless steel with finely hairline brushed for a premium finish makes it anti-rust and anti-corrosive in tough commercial settings
  • Simplify Your Routine - These supreme stainless steel wall shelves for the kitchen can be used to store and show off your things saving you time to look for items and space. Use for heavier items and kitchen appliances, the capacity of the shelf is about 200 lbs evenly distributed across the surface
  • Assemble Quick & Easy by Yourself - Easy to install with minimal hardware for the do-it-yourself types. Save time, space and money with these practical stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mount! Masterfully engineered with square edges, 2 holes on to back edges, one on each side
  • Universal Design - The stainless steel wall shelf is perfect for use in any kitchen, laundry, janitorial room, garage, or anywhere additional storage is needed (even outdoors). Use at home as well to create that practical and modern kitchen look. Pick from a wide variety of sizes for every kitchen size and space in the kitchen
  • NSF Certified - This kitchen wall shelf is NSF certified as easy to clean. Food and liquid won’t get stuck or ruin the integrity of the surface. Easily wipe away excess with no fuss, mess, or contamination. Now go, get your commercial wall shelving RISK-FREE [Name of the listed Company = Apex Entertainment, Model Number = SDS-BH-147218]

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 81% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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