Dryer Woolies - Wool Dryer Balls (3 Balls w/ 1 Lavender Oil) Reusable Organic Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets Alternative Laundry Balls, Reduce Clothing Wrinkles and Drying Time

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Dryer Woolies is the ultimate solution to soft, wrinkleless, chemical-free laundry! You won't have to spend more time and energy ironing out all the clothes, and unlike dryer sheets and fabric softeners, it doesn't contain harmful chemicals which may be dangerous to babies, kids and those with sensitive skin. How Does Dryer Woolies Work? Dryer Woolie uses densely-packed fibers of premium wool. The hygroscopic properties of wool allow it to absorb and release humidity. So as your clothes dry it can absorb excess moisture. Plus, the density and weight of Dryer Woolie can help create air pockets by breaking up clumped clothes that can help reduce drying times. By reducing the clumping with the dense wool ball - people have also noticed less wrinkles in their clothes. Dryer Woolie comes with a lavender essential oil fragrance to help keep your clothes smelling great without dryer sheets or fabric softeners. It’s super easy to use. Just put it in with your dryer and run your cycle as usual. Dryer Woolie is indeed is transforming your laundry and saving you money in the process!


  • ✅ Made from Premium Wool
  • ✅ Super Easy To Use - Place Dryer Woolie In The Dryer With You Load as Normal
  • ✅ Complete Alternative to Dryer Sheets & Fabric Softeners
  • ✅ Can Reduce Drying Times - The Dense Wool can Absorb Moisture and Create Hot Air Pockets to Reduce Drying Times in Certain Washers
  • ✅ Reusable Up To 1000 Loads. Comes with a Lavender Essential Oil Bottle to Scent Clothes

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