Dr ZinX Bad Breath Treatment, Long Lasting Vegan Zinc Spray, Breath Freshener, Hydrating Oral & Throat Spray with Zinc and Hinokitiol + Peppermint, Alcohol Free 200+ Sprays

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When you're on the go quickly freshen your breath with our patent-pending Zinc and Hinokitiol Breath Freshener leaving your mouth feeling cool and refreshed. With DrZinX zinc spray you can easily reach the back of your throat where bad breath causing particles hide, feed and produce the volatile sulfur compounds that cause breath. DrZinX lasts for approximately 200 sprays and is the perfect solution for those suffering from chronic halitosis and helps to remove bad breath. DrZinX HYDRATING Oral Spray is more than just another breath spray. As a powerful breath freshener, our oral spray helps with the whole mouth health while it hydrates and freshens. DrZinX Premium breath sprays offer instant fresh breath confidence after eating, drinking or smoking! Our great tasting formula contains a proven agent to maintain oral hygiene on the go. Hinokitiol has also been demonstrated to increase the absorption of zinc trace minerals by up to three times (Aartjan, 2010).


  • ZINC LIQUID: Dr ZinX uses Zinc + Hinokitiol to improve absorption of zinc by up to 3 times (zinc ionophore supplement). More effective absorption than taking zinc 30mg, zinc picolinate 50mg, quercetin with zinc, or zinc lozenges. Each spray of Dr ZinX contains 0.43mg of elemental zinc and can enhance the absorption of other zinc supplements
  • COLD AND FLU MEDICINE FOR ADULTS: Hinokitiol is ANTl-VlRAI, ANTl-BACTERlAl and has been used in Japan since 1956 with no side effects, unlike hydroxychloroquine 200mg tablets for malaria. Dr ZinX is being tested by the Helmholtz Zentrum Für Infektionsforschung In Germany and will compare effectiveness to diosmin hesperidin 1000mg, daflon 500mg tablets, quercetina organica
  • LACTOFERRIN SUPPLEMENTS FUNCTION + IRON: lactoferrin powder has been shown to help control Iron levels, Hinokitiol possesses this some function and is the vegan alternative (University of Illinois 2018). Lactoferrin bulk is also not as beneficial to the body's natural iron transportation system as Hinokitiol.
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATlON: Hinokitiol can assist in reducing systemic infIammation, as seen by hesperidin methyl chalcone 500 mg. This may help to prevent Cytokine Storm and can be used as a safe and vegan alternative to diosmin and hesperidin, hesperidin diosmin 1000mg, dexamethasone liquid and dexamethasone oral solution
  • PEPPERMINT EXTRACT & CEDAR OIL: From the same family of tree as redwood supplement for men, cedar essential oil has broad spectrum medicine properties and similar to lipo flavonoid plus. Dr ZinX also uses eucalyptus spray and peppermint spray for it's immune support supplement properties and natural sore throat spray support
  • THUJA PLICIN: More Effective than Thuja Occidentalis. Hinokitiol (Thuja Plicin) has broad spectrum properties and is more potent than others on the market such as thuja occidentalis 200c and thuja oil

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