Doctor Who Sontaran Squad Figures Set for Exterminate! The Miniatures Game

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The doctor's foes clash in this fast-paced tabletop miniatures game. Amongst this conflict the Doctor protects the time vortex- with his companions, The TARDIS, and a clever plan. . . . . Pit your wits against your adversaries and build your force from a variety of options- whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!


  • Welcome to the world of the doctor - the Endless battle across time and space between those who Would seek to dominate and destroy, and those who wish to protect and preserve.
  • Add this pack to extend the tabletop combat War game Doctor who exterminate! The miniatures game between the Doctor and his enemies provides non-stop action whether battling it out in hand to hand melee attacks, intense shootouts or avoiding the enemy to complete the mission.
  • Using combat dice, recruitment cards, action cards, tokens, obstacles, provides and endless amount of possibilities of how these battles will take place!
  • Played between two opponents adding more elements to the rules as players' Experience progress, can include more miniatures and more adventures also allows for quick rounds or longer battles.
  • Build, paint and play! The construction and painting of the models and watching them come to life are just as much fun as the game itself!

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