Descaling Solution and Cleaning Kit For Keurig 1.0, 2.0 K Cup Coffee Machines. 3 Month Supply. 4 Keurig Cleaning Pods & Descaler for Keurig Coffee Machines

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Clean Up Your Wakeup Your morning cup of coffee is important to you. When it doesn't taste good, you don't get the same lift that you want to start your day. Keep your coffee tasting great day after day with Caffenu cleaning pods and descaling solution for Keurig machines. Remove lime, calcium, bean oil, tannins, and more, even from places you couldn't possibly reach by hand. How It Works Pour your coffee descaler liquid in the tank with equal parts water. Run the descale cycle followed by a plain water rinse. Your boiler and pump should now be pristine. Put a cleaning pod in your brewing chamber and run a brew cycle. The oxygenated cleaning powder removes dirt and debris from the part of the machine closest to your coffee. One Planet Why mess with nasty-smelling vinegar or harsh chemicals when you can use a plant-based coffee machine descaler? Clean your Keurig with a sustainable descaling liquid and port-cleaning pods. Recycle the packaging after use. Enjoy a coffee machine cleaning kit that's healthier for both you and the Earth. Our Promise to You Trust us to understand you care about the quality of your coffee, the life of your coffee maker, and the Earth you wake up to every day. Your Keurig cleaning pods and descaler are designed to help you keep your coffee maker running great, while empowering you to clean your Keurig in a more eco-friendly way. Subscribe for regularly scheduled deliveries and enjoy great coffee experiences and service. Refresh your Keurig with Caffenu.


  • 💧 SO FRESH SO CLEAN: Did you know cleaning and descaling are NOT the same thing? Our cleaning pods are compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers and they remove old coffee oils and bitter tannins from the brewing chamber and nozzle. The descaler solution removes limescale and mineral deposits from the internals of the machine giving it the all-around clean that it needs.
  • β˜• PROTECTS YOUR FAVORITE MORNING AROMA: Using these cleaning pods every month will ensure a clean brewing chamber and enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite coffees. The pods release a powerful foaming agent that removes residue and build-up from inaccessible areas in just 2 minutes. We recommend using one cleaning pod after every 30 cups or after making flavored beverages or tea. Use at least once a month.
  • 🛡 IMPROVES MACHINE LIFE: We recommend descaling your brewer with our Caffenu Eco Descaler every 3 months to protect it from damaging limescale build up that can seriously affect your machine's performance and reduce its operational life.
  • β™» CLEAN AND SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Our cleaning and descaling kit is odorless and made with eco-friendly ingredients. It's safe for the environment and it is safe for you. Pods are 100% Recyclable.
  • 📆 PROTECTION FOR 3 MONTHS: This complete maintenance kit for K- Cup Coffee Makers comes with 3 cleaning pods to use once a month and 1 bottle of a single-use eco-descaler solution to use once every 3 months.

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