DePraiz Extra-Large Stainless Steel Food Mesh Strainer 9.8" Strainers Wire Sieve With Sturdy Handles For Kitchen, Cooking, Food Preparation. Quality Stainless Steel.

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From egg white separation to draining pounds of pasta, our wire strainer set has ALL the bases covered! Choose from four different sizes to make sauces, separate ingredients and rinse unwashed produce. You can even make that perfectly sifted cup of joe or therapeutic tea with the smallest strainer! Enjoying delicious carbonara or spaghetti bolognese? The biggest 9.8” strainer is perfect for draining water from large cooking pots or saucepans. More of a baker than a chef? Sift flour and powdered sugar like a pro with a bit of “shake, shake” and a little “tap, tap”! No need to worry about heavier loads, either. Our rock-solid stainless-steel strainers can handle the heft! Wash large amounts of fruit, vegetables, beans, quinoa and more without warping the mesh. Whether you’re tirelessly sifting flour or rinsing off produce after a trip to the grocery store, you need a handle that can HANDLE it! Unlike other fine mesh sieve sets with slippery exposed metal handles, ours is coated in non-slip rubber for a rock-solid grip. No need to worry about bright red rust popping up after a month or two, either. The DePraiz fine mesh strainer set is rust-resistant – even after repeated exposure to water! Each metal strainer is BPA-free too, so you can feel great using them around the whole family. The DePraiz food strainer set is perfect for: ✓ Bakers ✓ Home cooks ✓ Tea lovers ✓ Wet and dry foods ✓ Liquid straining ✓ Fine sifting ✓ Restaurants and bakeries ...and so much more! What’s in the Bag: - 1 Extra large strainer (9.8” diameter)


  • 1 EXTRA LARGE STRAINER SIZE: Strain everything from decadent, clump-free red velvet cake to calming cups of lavender tea with a variety of stainless-steel strainers from DePraiz. No more cramming pasta into an undersized sieve or sifting coffee in one that’s too big! Just reach for the perfect size to fit your needs:.9.8” extra-large strainer!
  • SIFTS BOTH WET AND DRY FOODS: Get grapes squeaky clean or eliminate bumpy powdered sugar with dual sifting and straining powers! Easily wash legumes, rice, fruits and veggies or strain angel hair pasta straight off the stove. Baking a rich double chocolate cake? The only lumps you’ll have are from the sweet chocolate chips (not a clump in sight!).
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: Forget flimsy strainers that bend and snap under pressure. Our rugged stainless-steel strainers are built to withstand even the heaviest contents, like water-soaked noodles and thick, fleshy fruits (looking at you, avocados!). The durable mesh lattice won’t warp under the pressure of weighty loads and will stay sifting for years to come!
  • NON-SLIP, EASY GRIP HANDLE: Avoid a hot pasta disaster with non-slip handles that ensure your spaghetti stays in the strainer and not burning your hand. Each handle is made from thick, premium rubber for a firm grip, so you can effortlessly maneuver heavy loads of kidney beans and flowing grapes or master sifting moves without fear of flying flour (it's all in the wrist!).
  • RUST-RESISTANT & BPA-FREE: Exposed iron is bound to rust -- especially after repeated rinsing and washing. Not DePraiz strainers! They’re made from food-grade stainless steel, so they won’t fall victim to metal-ruining oxidation. Plus, they’re chemical- and BPA-free so you’ll never have to worry about harmful toxins making their way into your 5-star meals!

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