DefCon Security Products PRO-10G GPS Tracker Finder and Law-Grade Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep - Newest Professional Handheld Detection of All Active GPS Trackers, Mobile Phones

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The PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector from DefCon Security Products helps detect and locate bugging transmitting devices including hidden GPS units on vehicles, wireless surveillance devices, cell phones (3G and 4G), and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. The cell phone and bug detector features 10 GHz RF detection and can detect devices within a range of 35 to 40'. It is suitable for anyone concerned with being watched or listened to. Detection Series and parallel transmitters. All GSM bugs including baby-monitors / GSM alarms / GSM bugs. Detection of analog, digital, Wi-Fi, cellular GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G signals all will set off an alarm. Detection Frequencies: GSM (880 to 915 MHz), CDMA (824 to 849 MHz), WCDMA (1920 to 1980 MHz), and DCS (1710 to 1785 MHz). Digital burst signal detection for GSM/3G/4G trackers and SMS (text). Video cameras & listening bugs. Voice recorders, tapes, digital and parabolic reflectors that use white noise generators. Transmitting GPS trackers. Bluetooth active bugging devices. Spy phones with active Bluetooth or Wi-Fi radios. Detects all GSM Bugs including Baby-Monitors/GSM Alarm/GSM Bugs Detects all Cellular GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G Video Cameras & Listening Bugs Detection Frequencies: GSM 880-915MHz, CDMA 824-849MHz, WCDMA (1920-1980MHz), and DCS (1710-1785MHz) Detects Transmitting Spy Phones Detects GPS Trackers while Transmitting Detects Bluetooth Active Bugging Devices Detects Spy Phones with Active Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Ultra Sensitive will detect signals from up to 40 feet Features 10 bar strength display


  • NEWEST UPGRADED MODEL RELEASE - COUNTER SURVEILLANCE BUG SWEEP is the # 1 SELLING PORTABLE SWEEP UNIT for CELL PHONE & GPS TRACKER DETECTION - Offers Outstanding Electronic RF Signal Detection - Sensitive Portable GPS Spy Bug Sweeper - INCLUDES White Noise Generator for Privacy - Finds GPS Active Trackers, ALL Hidden Transmitting Cameras, Phone Line Tap Detection
  • UPGRADED 10GHz WIDEST DETECTION RANGE OF ANY HANDHELD PORTABLE BUG SWEEP: Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep Deluxe bug detector has one of the highest detection ranges compared to all RF signal detectors in the industry, able to pick up frequencies between 10MHZ-10GHZ. Other devices max out at 6GHZ and are not able to detect modern surveillance equipment.
  • DETECTS ALL ACTIVE TRANSMITTING BUGS, WIRELESS MICS AND HIDDEN CAMERAS: This electronic bug sweeper quickly and effectively detects everything from spy cameras, wiretaps, real time GPS trackers, telephone transmitters, to the latest Infinity Devices. The included pair of sensitive headphones and intuitive control panel allows you to easily locate the bug. EASY TO OPERATE: You only need one thumb to operate the anti spy detector, which comes in handy when discretion and speed is required.
  • DEFEATS LISTENING DEVICES - Built in white noise generator will defeat electronic eavesdropping and surveillance devices. Hidden microphones and wireless audio bugs will hear the shhhhhh sound that masks human voice. Use the detection unit close to windows to prevent laser mics from listening in. The noise generator will also keep voice activated recorders and listening devices operating and use up the available memory in the voice recorders.

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Defcon Security Products Pro 10g Gps Tracker Finde, is it available on Amazon?

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It's unlikely to find significant changes in price, we expect this product to remain within its Average price. Our advice is Buy now.

What is the current price of Defcon Security Products Pro 10g Gps Tracker Finde?

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