Country Kitchen Set of Five Pink and Gunmetal Silicone MINI Kitchen Utensil Set

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Your time in the kitchen is just about to become more colorful and exciting while getting the job done to perfection! Country Kitchen’s Mini Prep Tools are designed for preparing and serving small items, such as appetizers and desserts and handling them with a gentle touch. Additionally, they can be a great tool for little cooks in training, and when space is limited and long handled utensils get in the way. Mini utensils can get lots of jobs done in a better, more efficient way! Try scraping the last drops out of a jar, the mini’s will get all those last remaining spots that you are having trouble reaching. The mini whisk will whip up small portions of eggs to perfection without sloshing over the sides and creating unnecessary mess and clean up. The spatula is super handy for spreading icings and toppings on cakes smoothly and professionally, or for if you’re one of those who needs to spread cream cheese on a bagel like it’s a mini birth day cake. The mini tongs will come into great use for indoor and outdoor grilling when you need to get closer to the fire and give you the control you need to achieve just the right taste and texture. The spoons will help you dole out portions and dressings neatly and enhance your foods presentation. Whether you are saving on space or just feel like adding this cool, trendy and exciting set to your kitchen, once you have these hanging around you will wonder how you managed without them!                COUNTRY KITCHEN –  Accessorize your kitchen with convenient cookware, gadgets and sets that combine style and class and a homey touch of downright country goodness!


  • GOOD THINGS COME IN MINI PACKAGES - When big is just not what you need, this set of adorable mini kitchen tool will become an all-time favorite. Ideal for a junior chef, traveling kitchens, and small living spaces and for preparing and serving miniatures and other small items.
  • SET INCLUDES - 1 mini tong, 1 mini spoonula, 1 mini slotted spatula, 1 mini spatula and 1 mini whisk; a completely functional set that will cover all your basic kitchen needs from stirring, frying, and tasting to serving. All mini utensils measure 8" long. Heat resistant up to 400° F.
  • SMART CHOICE - Constructed from silicone to protect your nonstick cookware from scratches and scrapes. Whisk is designed with a silicone over-mold on stainless steel wires so you can blend and mix with thoroughness and keep your expensive bakeware scratch free. Mini tong features nonslip good grip handles and a scalloped silicone head to assure you have complete control while cooking, and is equipped with a locking feature that is user friendly by pulling the secure locking ring outwards.
  • REFRESHING AND STYLISH - Designed in a fresh and bright pink color and a gunmetal metallic tone, this set of mini silicon kitchen tools has an up to date, trendy look that is madly in line with the current styles and trends. Add a splash of color and funk to your kitchen and hang from the rings on each utensil. Cook, bake, grill and serve with fun and fashion at the same time. Perfect for an impressive gift as well.
  • FUN TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN- Adding a new exciting and appealing kitchen gadget to your collection is always a great idea to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. This cute set will have you and your children having a blast while creating your favorite recipes. Hand wash with warm water and soap, silicone allows for less buildup and mess so these tools will be super easy to clean.

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