Complete Medical First Aid Kits - Refill Medications - Ibuprofen - Aspirin - Non-Aspirin - Antacid - Diphen - Diotame - Medi-Lyte - Diamode

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If you purchase from PrimeMed certified distributor, My Medical Warehouse, you will receive 3 Ibuprofen packets, 3 Non-Aspirin packets, 3 Aspirin, 3 Diphen, 3 Diotame, 3 Medi-Lyte, 3 Diamode, and 3 Antacid Packets. 24 packets of medicine total. Read below to learn the generic or scientific variation of each medicine you are receiving and the comparable brand name. Ibuprofen is the generic name for Advil, Motrin, and Midol. Non-Aspirin is the generic name for aceteminophen and is popularly sold on the brand name Tylenol. Aspirin is the generic name for acetylsalicylic acid and is sold most popularly under the brand name, Bayer. Diphen is the generic name for diphenhydramine, and is most commonly equivalent to brands such as Benadryl and ZzzQuill. Diotame is the generic name for Bismuth Subsalicylate, and is sold under the brand name Pepto Bismol. Medi-Lyte is an electrolyte that works like Gatorade or Power Aid only more medically equivalent to solving dehydration. Diamode is the generic name for loperamide, and is most commonly sold under brands such as Imodium A-D. Antacid is the generic term for calcium carbonate antacids such as Tums and Rolaids. See the extended drug details below to learn more about each drug.


  • You Will Receive 3 Ibuprofen Packets, 3 Aspirin, 3 Non-Aspirin, 3 Diphen, 3 Diotame, 3 Medi-Lyte, 3 Diamode, and 3 Antacid Packets
  • Great Medicine Refills For Campers, Fishermen, Hunters, Hikers, Family Outings, and Caretakers
  • Ibuprofen Non-Steroidal, Acetaminophen, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Diphenhydramine, Bismuth Subsalicylate, Electrolytes, Loperadmide, and Antacid
  • Cover Every Potential Health Issue on the Go with Every Over-the-Counter Medication in One Single Order
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed - Shipped In With a Two to Three Year Standard Expiration Date

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