Clean Touch Ink Pad for Baby Handprints and Footprints – Inkless Infant Hand & Foot Stamp – Safe for Babies, Doesn’t Touch Skin – Perfect Family Memory or Gift – Black Print Kit by Tiny Gifts

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The Simple Way to Make Fleeting Moments Last Forever!

Every time you look at your baby, it seems like they're a little bigger than they were a minute ago! And with life constantly moving at full throttle, it can feel like they're growing up way too fast.

While we may not be able to help you keep them small forever, the Clean Touch Ink Pad is the next best thing. In just a few minutes you'll be able to create an everlasting keepsake. The love you have for your children lasts forever, so create a memento that does, too.

Mess-Free Memories!

Other inkpads require you to coat your baby in ink, turning a fun activity into a dirty disaster. As a new parent, you have enough messes to deal with, so why not choose the Ink Pad that lets you capture memories totally mess-free? The Clean Touch Ink Pad stamps directly onto your preferred placement, including memory books, birth certificates, and home wall art.

Your Complete Print Kit!

The Tiny Gifts print maker isn't just inkless, it's also non-toxic and baby-safe. Every kit features:

- 1 Ink Pad with 2 Uses
- Color: Black
- Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 Inches
- Easy-to-Follow Instructions

The Tiny Gifts Touch!

At Tiny Gifts, we're devoted to helping families all over the world celebrate childhood and family life. In fact, Tiny Gifts is named after our twin boys who we consider to be our own two "tiny gifts". Because this love motivates everything we do, you can rest assured that both our products and our customer service are of the very highest quality.

We're so grateful that you let us be a small part of your family's special moments. So if you are ever anything less than 100% satisfied, contact us and we'll do whatever it takes to make things right!

Babies become toddlers in an instant! Don't lose another moment, and add the Tiny Gifts Clean Touch Ink Pad to your cart TODAY!


  • SUPERIOR SAFETY - Nothing is more important than keeping your little one safe. That's why Tiny Gifts' inkpad sets the safety standard. Unlike other kits, Clean Touch takes your baby's hand or foot imprint without the ink ever touching their skin! It's totally non-toxic and baby safe, so you can focus on capturing moments that will last a lifetime.
  • QUICK & EASY - Raising a newborn is no easy task, but with Tiny Gifts, taking their tiny prints will be! Just place the pad ink-side-down on any paper or card, gently press your baby's hand or foot into the upward-facing side for a few seconds, and voila: A fast-drying, smudge-free, high detail stamp without the mess!
  • FOREVER KEEPSAKE - Whether you're expecting your first or you're no stranger to parenthood, an ink pad from Tiny Gifts is the ideal way to treasure those teensy toes and sweet hands for a lifetime. Stamp handprints or footprints onto their birth certificate or in their baby book for a keepsake you'll be able to cherish forever.
  • PRECIOUS GIFTS - Give a gift that'll last way past the dirty diaper days! If you're looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a thoughtful Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, or christening gift, you can't go wrong with Tiny Gifts! It's the priceless present that they'll appreciate always.
  • LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES - 3.7x2.25" ink size fits your child's hand and foot, be they an infant or a baby. Since you get 2 uses in every pad, you don't have to choose between their fingers and toes. And Tiny Gifts isn't just for babies! Big kids can use it as a fingerprint pad, and dog parents can even put their puppy's prints in ink!

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