Claudia Roden's Mediterranean: Treasured Recipes from a Lifetime of Travel [A Cookbook]

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Product Description “I could not love this book more. A palpable instant classic, infused with wisdom, generosity, and achievable deliciousness. Every page feels like a blessing.”—Nigella Lawson “Claudia Roden channels the sun and warm glow of the Mediterranean. To read Claudia is to sit at her table, with everything, simply, as it should be. Pull up a chair for the food; stay at the table for the stories.”—Yotam Ottolenghi Join world-renowned food writer Claudia Roden on a culinary journey across the Mediterranean, all from the comfort of your own dinner table. Widely credited with revolutionizing Western attitudes to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, Claudia is a living legend. Though best known for her deep dives into cuisines, in this timeless collection of simple, beautiful recipes, she shares the food she loves and cooks for friends and family.  You’ll find tried-and-true favorites from France, Greece, and Spain to Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco, inspired by Claudia’s decades of travel and research throughout the region. The many flavors of the Mediterranean are highlighted in dishes such as Chicken with Apricots and Pistachios, Vegetable Couscous, Eggplant in a Spicy Honey Sauce with Soft Goat Cheese, Bean Stew with Chorizo and Bacon, Plum Clafoutis, and so many more. From appetizers to desserts, Claudia distills a life’s worth of traveling and eating her way through the Mediterranean, presenting a selection of the recipes that she cooks the most often because they bring the most joy. Review About the Author Claudia Roden is a cookbook writer and anthropologist based in the UK. She grew up in Cairo and studied in both Paris and London. She has published multiple bestsellers, including the international award-winning The Book of Jewish Food, and she introduced the UK to Middle Eastern cuisines in 1968 with her bestselling cookbook, A Book of Middle Eastern Food. In addition to her writing career, Roden has presented cookery shows on the BBC and she is co-chair of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction An adventure that never ended When my three children left home all at the same time thirty-five years ago, I decided to leave, too, and travel around the Mediterranean. I went alone, à l’aventure—without plans or arrangements. A childhood memory lived inside me of the exhilarating moment we arrived in Alexandria by the desert road from our home in Cairo and suddenly saw the sea. To me, Alexandria was a different world, with other trees and flowers and new smells and villas painted yellow and pink. Compared to the serious and restrained Cairo, it was a city of freedom and pleasure. You felt the exuberant lighthearted mood in the cafés along the seafront. Italian, Greek, and French were spoken in the street. The city was part of another world, one to which Marseille and Barcelona, Genoa, Athens and Algiers, Beirut and Tangier also belonged. That world had a culture all of its own, so powerful that the whole country was influenced as though the sea was its center of gravity. I wanted to find that spirit again. Back in the 1980s, a woman traveling alone was strange and suspect, but researching food gave me a mission and a reason to be there. It allowed me to make contacts, to ask for help, and to spend time in restaurant kitchens. It allowed me to accost people and introduce myself on trains, in cafés, or in the sitting rooms of pensions, or small hotels. I would start a conversation with “I’m an English food writer researching your cuisine. Can you tell me what your favorite dishes are?” They didn’t always buy the “English,” but were always happy to talk about their food. My interest was in home cooking and regional food. I was invited into homes where people still cooked as their parents and grandparents did. Part of the pleasure of researching food was meeting people, sharing a moment of their lives, and discovering th

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