CLASSIC SWEET HERB Vinaigrette Salad Dressing - Low Sodium Salad Dressing & Healthy Marinade. Low Carb, Dairy Free, Keto Dressing by Brick House Vinaigrettes (12 oz).

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CLASSIC SWEET DIJON Our "Classic Sweet Dijon" is the original Brick House product that shattered world records - just kidding... but it did set us on the trajectory to create a line of mouth watering, heart-healthy, clean label products. Different from most store brand vinaigrettes... Classic Sweet Dijon offered a change in the kinds of ingredients that go into our beloved healthy salad dressing and marinades. No water. No preservatives. No junk. Just pure Non-Gmo expeller pressed canola oil, apple cider vinegar, brown cane sugar, pasteurized egg yolk, ground mustard seeds, kosher salt, herbs and spices. Not only is it a fantastic topping to a fresh salad, but we love to use Classic Sweet Dijon to marinate chicken, put on a wrap, or even use as a mayo-substitute to make yummy coleslaw, potato salad, other dishes and snacks. Not only is it a healthy alternative, but Classic Sweet Dijon puts a nice spin of the flavor - making your dish the life of the party! ABOUT BRICK HOUSE > Most of the time people have to choose between food that tastes good and food that is healthy. Well, at Brick House we don’t think that has to be the case, so we set out to make tasty products that are healthy too! Each of our products boasts a “clean label” – No GMOs. No preservatives. No additives. No fillers. No junk. Just food – awesome tasting food making Brick House the “vinaigrette with no regret.”


  • 🍽️ ONCE A CLASSIC, ALWAYS A CLASSIC > Being our flagship product and most sought-after flavor, Classic Sweet Dijon is what started it all! Its versatility affords you flexibility. The chef loves to use this one as his staple house salad dressing or as the perfect marinade for grilled chicken on a summer day. Also, try using it as a mayo substitute to put a twist on the flavor of any dish such as coleslaw, chicken/tuna salad, and other healthy food. Also, Keep your eye out for our other flavors
  • 👊 PACKED WITH FLAVOR > You don't have to choose between food that tastes good and food that's healthy. Each of our vinaigrettes are jam packed with mouth watering flavor that’s sure to make your taste buds stand up and cheer! This is because each recipe is a culinary creation by Chef Bricker that has been honed in after decades in the food industry and has a proven track record of being loved by people who have used Brick House in their home kitchen.
  • VINAIGRETTE WITH NO REGRET❗ > We know most salad dressings are full of junk - our promise is to stay clean! We only use premium, fresh, natural ingredients without adding any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or stabilizers. Other brands offer watered-down products with unhealthy additives like xanthan gum, MSG, starches, or food colorings. NOT US. We’d only offer to put something on your table that we’d put on ours - the BEST.
  • 👩‍🍳SUMMON YOUR INNER-CHEF > you can use Brick House in TONS of ways! Use it as a quick-and easy keto dressing, a marinade to bring out the richness of any meat, or maybe just a quick drizzle over your favorite wrap. You can also replace it for mayonnaise in paleo snacks like coleslaw, chicken/tuna/pasta salad, deviled eggs, and more!
  • 🏃‍♂️HIT YOUR HEALTH GOALS > Eating and cooking with Brick House can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are on Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Atkins, Weight Watchers or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, every single flavor uses NON-GMO oils that have good fats while being low in saturated fat., is low carb/low sodium/low sugar, and is also gluten free/dairy free/soy free/nut free … and did we say its yummy!? Commit today to living a healthy lifestyle by using subscribe and sa

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