Chess Set,Folding Storage Wooden Chess Board Sets,3 in 1 Chess Board Game for Adults and Kids (Chess,Backgammon,Checkers),Exquisite Wooden Chess Pieces

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Chess is played on a square board of eight rows (called ranks and denoted with numbers 1 to 8) and eight columns (called files and denoted with letters a to h) of squares. The pieces are divided, by convention, into white and black sets. The players are referred to as "White" and "Black", and each begins the game with sixteen pieces of the specified color. These consist of one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. White always moves first. The players alternate moving one piece at a time (with the exception of castling, when two pieces are moved simultaneously). Pieces are moved to either an unoccupied square, or one occupied by an opponent's piece, capturing it and removing it from play. With one exception (en passant), all pieces capture opponent's pieces by moving to the square that the opponent's piece occupies. When a king is under immediate attack by one or two of the opponent's pieces, it is said to be in check. The only permissible responses to a check are to capture the checking piece, interpose a piece between the checking piece and the king, or move the king to a square where it is not under attack. Castling is not a permissible response to a check. A move that would place the moving player's king in check is illegal. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent; this occurs when the opponent's king is in check, and there is no way to remove it from attack. Each chess piece has its own style of moving. The X's mark the squares where the piece can move if no other pieces (including one's own piece) are on the X's between the piece's initial position and its destination. If there is an opponent's piece at the destination square, then the moving piece can capture the opponent's piece. The only exception is the pawn which can only capture pieces diagonally forward.


  • 【Flat and No Humps】The chessboard is made of excellent technology. After the chessboard is opened, the surface is flat and no humps to ensure that chess pieces can be stably placed at any position on the chessboard
  • 【Meticulous Polishing】Every chess piece has been polished carefully, and the bottom of the piece has been well treated to ensure that there will be no protrusions at the bottom of the piece, which will affect the stability of the piece
  • 【3 in 1 Game】This chess board set integrates chess,backgammon and checkers, which greatly improves the playability of the game
  • 【Folding storage】After folding the chessboard, it can be used to store pieces,We also provide small bags for each kind of chess pieces to classify and store them, so as to avoid that the chess pieces are always mixed up disorderly
  • 【Easy to carry】You can easily put the chessboard in your suitcase, then take it to travel and enjoy the fun of chess anywhere,It can also be used as a gift to your children, family, or friends

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