Chefast Banneton Proofing Basket Set of 9.5” Natural Rattan Basket with Brotform Cloth Liner, 8 Bread Stencils and Bowl/Dough Scraper + Instructions - Make Perfectly Round Sourdough Boules

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Now That’s a Boule!

Have you been baking bread for a while now, but it’s missing that certain something that gives it the look of the artisan bread you know and love?
Do you wish your bread came out with that perfect golden crust, but you haven’t quite been able to duplicate that at home?

It’s Time To Show Off Your Baking Prowess with This Banneton Kit from Chefast!

With a cloth-lined, 9.5-inch diameter basket, eight bread stencils and a handy, all-purpose dough scraper, you’ve got all the tools the professionals use to create their oh-so-perfect artisan boules.

It’s All In The Brotform: It’s here that the utmost quality is critical. We’re confident that you’ll find our natural rattan cane basket to be up to the task of creating the microclimate necessary for your dough to rise and form that critical outer crust that truly makes a bread.

Like Pencil To Paper: Part of the mystique around artisan breads are the unique patterns etched into every loaf. Now you can join the community with these eight stencils that take baking a loaf of bread to a whole new level. After rising, slightly dampen the bread with water, then work your magic with either cocoa or white flower.

No Hands Needed: With this dough scraper, you can easily extricate the dough from the basket – even if it’s a very wet dough such as you’ll find in a no-knead sourdough bread recipe. Plus, your scraper has many other uses in the kitchen, such as making quick cuts in most dough or even spread icing on a cake or pastry.

How-To: Want to make sure your basket lasts? Just follow the instructions on the included quick start sheet, and you’ll be cranking out the best boules you’ve ever baked for years to come.


  • ✔ UNIQUE DESIGN FOR ANY RECIPE: We saw 8.5", 9" and 10" diameter proofing baskets on the market, but nothing in the middle. That's why we designed our banneton with a 9.5-inch diameter and a height of 3.4" so it can hold up to two pounds of dough. This is the best size for a no-knead sourdough boule or to build the world's tastiest tartine.
  • ✔ YOUR PERFECT COMBO KIT: This set offers all you need to bring your bread to life. The cloth-lined 9.5" diameter basket is the centerpiece that helps your dough rise and shapes it into a beautiful boule. The 8 stencils let you give your loaf that artisan touch with any number of unique patterns, and the multipurpose scraper lets you scrape any leftovers out of a bowl and perform many other kitchen tasks as well.
  • ✔ NATURAL RATTAN FOR HEALTHY BREAD: When it comes to proofing baskets, the material is critical. We make ours with a superb-quality, natural rattan cane for a smooth banneton with an elegant pattern that will hold up to rigorous use day in, day out; then we line it with linen to minimize mess and make it easier for the dough to release without the need for more flower.
  • ✔ MAKE GORGEOUSLY DECORATED LOAVES: Release your inner artist with the included eight bread stencils. The bread is your canvas; this is your chance to create something truly unique. And when it comes time to transfer your dough from the brotform, avoid using your fingers and simply slide the scraper into the basket.
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION: We want to ensure that your brotform stands the test of time. If you're not thrilled with its construction or performance, simply let us know within 90 days for a prompt, full refund. It's also covered by our one-year replacement warranty. If you've ever wanted to bake a perfectly round boule like the ones who ogle in your local bakery, now's your chance; get this all-inclusive proofer kit by Chefast today!

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