Chalk and Chuckles Board Game - Why Connect - Educational Game of Clever Thinking and Picture Linking, Gifts for 6 Year Old and Up Boys, Girls

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Designed to challenge critical reasoning skills, Why Connect game by Chalk and Chuckles is easy to learn and a fun and addictive game for players 6 years and older. Get ready to stretch your mental thinking with this engaging game. Start the game by connecting 2 tokens together and state your reason for the connection. Each player gets a turn to add one token at a time based on the relationship between the picture objects. The entertainment begins when you have to justify a reason for the connection, other players can accept or reject your reason. Identifying the relationship between objects will improve analytical and visual reasoning skills, all through fun gameplay. It also helps build continuous interaction to ensure your kids do not get bored even for a second! The game has 90 square picture tokens, 4 wooden stands, 1 writing pad, and a very clear and easy to understand instruction manual describing the rules of the game. Get the party started with this fast interactive game that will keep everyone involved. HereÕs how the Why Connect game will light up your game night: Creative thinkers will surely have a good time as the competition in this game is driven by creative thinking and categorical reasoning. The game has 2 levels, hence it can be played both among kids and adults. You can skip the scoring while playing with younger kids. Learn to make a point and win the game by convincing people to accept your logic. The skill development game also makes an awesome birthday gift for younger children. You can enjoy connecting the square pictures on a family dining table, in a room, or during a road trip. Chalk and Chuckles is committed to craft games that expand your mind, body, and heart. We are sure you will have a good time with your friends and family playing this popular game.


  • FAMILY GAME FOR KIDS, FRIENDS AND ADULTS: Count on good times as you get together to see who has the best reasoning skills! Bring on the creative thinking challenge! With 2 levels of varying difficulty, itÕs suitable for people of all ages - 6 to 99 years old
  • EASY TO PLAY: A tile laying, picture connecting game. Players take turns adding 1 token at a time to the play table, giving a reason for their connection. Speak aloud your reasoning and wait for the fun to unfold as others accept or reject your logic. ItÕs a test of how convincing you can be! Be simple or think out of the box.
  • LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: An engaging and interactive game to build your child's cognitive skills. Encourages logical, analytical and critical thinking. Promotes visual reasoning and develops language, communication and social skills.
  • BEST GIFTS: A perfect gift for families with kids and even loved by grandparents. Whatever the occasion- Birthday, Graduation, Christmas or Back-to-School, you won't be disappointed. A favourite with Teachers, Homeschoolers and Speech Therapists too!
  • NOT BOUND BY A BOARD: Play anywhere and anytime! Unplug and get ready for fun times to stretch your brain - at home, a party, game night or in an elementary classroom! Box contains 90 square picture tokens in a cloth bag for easy travel, 4 wooden stands, 1 score pad and an instruction guide. Skip the scoring when playing with younger children but if you're in the mood for some tough competition, keep the scores!

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