CBT Workbook for Kids: 40+ Fun Exercises and Activities to Help Children Overcome Anxiety & Face Their Fears at Home, at School, and Out in the World

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Product Description Stand up to anxiety and feel cool, calm, and confident―strategies for kids ages 6 to 10 Worrying all the time can stop kids from having fun with friends, hobbies, sports, or school. The CBT Workbook for Kids helps them get back to doing the things they love. These ideas and activities for children ages 6-10 use proven, up-to-date cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies to help manage―or even change―worried thoughts and feelings. This CBT workbook is an imaginary toolbox for any anxious child, full of methods to help lower anxiety. First it helps them figure out what’s going on in their heads―and then gives them tools to change it. Fun quizzes, drawing challenges, and fill-in-the-blank exercises show them new ways to look at each worry. The CBT Workbook for Kids includes: Helpful skills―Learn techniques for expressing feelings, dealing with anger, staying focused, and making smart decisions. Bright ideas―Discover everyday calming methods, like creating a morning routine, asking for help, and facing fears a tiny bit at a time. You’re not alone―Each chapter in this CBT workbook has stories about how other kids might experience anxiety, too. The CBT Workbook for Kids helps kids take a deep breath, face their fears―and win! Review "A collection of fun, educational, and effective tools that your child will actually want to do! Rooted in psychology, Dr. Davidson's workbook not only helps kids understand what anxiety is, but allows them to develop the skills they need to overcome anxiety in any situation."―Brie Scolaro, LMSW, Scolaro & Associates "Dr. Davidson combines compassion and creativity with fun and engaging exercises. Based on sound psychological principles, this book provides fun and kid-friendly skills and ideas for dealing with worry. It is a great resource for anxious kids and their families, and I will be using it in my own practice."―Dr. Adrian Oxman, Psy.D., Psychologist "I’ve been in the field for over 30 years and still find myself musing out loud how there just aren’t enough child CBT resources available. The ones that I have come across have been difficult to understand or fail to capture the attention of my younger patients. Dr. Davidson’s book is rich in psychoeducation for parents, colorful and easy-to-read for children, and rooted in empirical practice."―Robert Reiner, PhD, BCN, BCB, Licensed New York State Psychologist and Executive Director, Behavioral Associates "As an elementary school teacher, I have firsthand experience with how debilitating anxiety can be for a child’s academic career. This book is a wonderful resource for both parent and teachers. I’m particularly impressed with the 'At School' section of this book, as it really seems to capture common anxieties that I see on a day-to-day basis and offers in-depth and empathetic strategies on how to best deal with them. I will absolutely be recommending this book to both parents and coworkers alike."―Ashley Fichtel, MA, Second Grade Teacher "Dr. Davidson's workbook gives children the most important tools they need to overcome their anxiety in child-friendly language that is easy to apply. This book is a gift to children, parents, and therapists and offers practical exercises designed to bring rapid relief while equipping kids with the coping skills they will continue to use well into their teen years and beyond. In over 25 years of doing child therapy, if I could only have one book on my shelf, this would be the one!"―Mike Fraser, PhD, Licensed New York State Psychologist and Director of Clinical Training, Lincoln Hospital "Kudos to Dr. Davidson for creating a child-centered and, more importantly, family-friendly resource. Anxiety can be overwhelming at any age and this workbook provides tools that will resonate with both children and parents for years to come. I look forward to being able share this with my colleagues and the children and families we serve."―Laura Obradovic, Director of Admissions, GIHN and Community

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