Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate

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The perfect read for the little perfectionist in your life...

A cleverly written and beautifully illustrated tale about a perfectionist pirate, the "fearsome" Captain LaPlank, who expects his new crew to make no mistakes!

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As Captain LaPlank warns his new crew before setting sail:
"I’m not much for mistakes, and I mean that sincerely.
Any pirate who makes one will pay for it dearly!"

This rhyming pirate adventure tells the hilarious story of a pirate captain who demands perfection of himself and his crew—until one by one, his crew begins making minor mistakes and are quickly shown to the plank!

(How else did you think Captain LaPlank got his name?)

It’s a classic and timely tale of something our culture often promotes—the need to be perfect and always in control.

At a time when we’re all are bombarded with unattainable images of perfection, parents and children alike have much to learn from the adventures of the perfectionist pirate and his ultimate discovery:
“It has nothing to do with ship captains and crews—
perfection’s not something that pirates can choose.
They’d bungled their business but those are the breaks—
mistakes are just something that everyone makes!”

Funny and entertaining, while also delivering important messages about imperfection, leadership, and learning to live with mistakes...

A great book for all the pirate lovers out there and for every kid (and parent) who wants to find the ultimate treasure trove: accepting and loving ourselves and others—and overcoming the impossible demand for perfection.

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