Bulka Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Brotform Spruce Wood Pulp 750g Groove - Non-Stick Batard Dough Proving Bowl Boule Container for Bread Making Sourdough Artisan Loaves, Made in Germany.

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Rival Professional Bakers with Bread Proofing Perfection Create the finest crust and crumb with the Bulka spruce pulp proofing basket that keeps dough intact and even. Our eco-friendly basket holds up to 750g of your favorite dough, for large loaves of french bread or savory sourdough. Plus, with more surface area and a sanded texture, your dough won’t get stuck in the grooves! Just trying your hand at bread making? Whip up professional-quality loaves with a thick-walled, heat-insulated basket that keeps your dough temperature consistent throughout the fermentation and proofing process. No need for expensive proofing cabinets! Just watch as the absorbent wood pulp removes excess water from your dough while still keeping it moist, leaving a golden crust and airy center! Unlike rainforest-wrecking rattan, our eco-friendly, locally grown spruce wood is sustainably grown and 100% biodegradable! It's also completely chemical-free, so you can feel proud about investing in a product that’s great for the environment. Hate hand-washing and harsh scrubbing? Cleaning your bread basket is done in seconds! Simply leave your basket in a warm, well-ventilated area or the residual heat of the oven (100-120°C) to remove any excess flour and dough. Once it’s dry, gently brush away any leftover particles. NOTE: Do not hand wash, as it will damage the wood pulp. Q: “Does this basket work for cold-rising dough?”A: Absolutely! It’s fantastic for cold, long-rising doughs like pizza dough! Our bread proofer is perfect for: ✓ Bread baking enthusiasts ✓ Professional and novice bakers ✓ Enriched doughs ✓ Italian bread ✓ Sourdough bread ✓ Rye bread ...and more! What’s in the Box: - 1 Spruce wood pulp banneton proofing basket. Please note: variations in wood, natural pigments, colour & consistency throughout each basket is perfectly normal & expected.


  • BULKA BASKET HOLDS 750G OF DOUGH: Craving a loaf of tangy sourdough? Can’t wait to make that new Italian focaccia recipe or try your hand at the perfect rye? This oval bread proofing basket holds up to 750g of your favorite dough and ensures its shape holds strong during the final rise. Perfect for crafting pillow-soft bread without worrying about deflation!
  • THICK WALLS KEEP TEMPS CONSISTENT: No one likes sad, uneven bread that screams “my baker didn’t cook me right!” Luckily for even the newest bread makers, our thick-walled oblong bread rising basket provides all-over insulation, keeping temperatures consistent while you masterfully ferment and proof beautiful artisan bread.
  • CREATE GORGEOUS, EVEN CRUSTS: Longing to hear the crackle of warm, crusty bread fresh out of the oven? Create airy, golden-crusted loaves with baskets that evenly absorb moisture for dramatically improved breathability and taste. Once you’ve proved your loaves with a Bulka basket, you’ll never want to go back!
  • MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY WOOD PULP: From tree to table, our baskets harness the power and beauty of nature without harming it in the process. Sustainably sourced from local German forests, our spruce pulp baskets are more eco-friendly than rattan products made from rainforest palms. Plus, you’ll love that they’re 100% biodegradable and chemical-free!
  • EASY TO REMOVE AND CLEAN: Difficult cleanup? Not on our watch! With a non-stick texture and larger surface area, wet dough is less likely to get stuck in grooves. No need to spend extra time washing, either. Just dry your bread proofer in a warm, well-ventilated area (or in residual oven heat after baking) and brush off leftover flakes with a stiff brush!

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