BugMD Flea Trap for Pest Control Indoor Dome Sticky Disc, Pest Trapper for Bugs Fleas Mosquitos, 4 Light Modes

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BugMD Pest Trapper is a USB-powered, environmentally safe, and pesticide-free insect trapper that works on fleas, mosquitos, wasps, mites, moths, flies, and other pests. Our unique trap both monitors and controls flea infestations in your home without the need for chemical sprays or harmful toxins. Our traps prey on different types of pest’s attraction to heat and light utilizing different strengths and wavelengths of blue and white LED light. Then, as the trap lures pests out of furniture, carpeting, or cracks, they land on an ultra-strong sticky trap, and can never escape. Position the trap indoors near areas with bug infestation. Simply plug it in, set your desired mode, and let the BugMD Pest Trapper do the work! Directions for Use Take one Disc Trap and remove the protective film. Place the disc into the middle of the Pest Trapper. Connect the unit to a 5V power supply using the USB cable provided. Position the Pest Trapper on a flat surface in areas with pest activity. Ensure that the lights are not covered for best results. Refill the sticky disc when full and continue to control and monitor insects in your household. OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Mode 1: Strong, warm light to attract fleas, mites, moths and other insects. Mode 2: Light, warm light to attract fleas, mites, moths and other insects. Mode 3: Strong, blue light to attract mosquitoes and flies. Mode 4: Light, blue light to attract mosquitoes and flies. When the light is turned off, the Pest Trapper can still attract and catch cockroaches, ants and other insects in your home. Product Specifications: Power Supply: USB Power Supply Length: 3.94 feet Voltage: DC 5V Material: ABS+PC Wattage: 1.5 Watts Protection Coverage: 500 - 1000 square feet


  • Easy To Use: No more struggling with tricky, toxic, or gross bug traps. The BugMD Pest Trapper takes seconds to set up. It’s an effective way to detect, trap, and expel pests without the fuss!
  • Eliminates Pests in Your Home: The BugMD Pest Trapper emits heat to simulate that heat from the body to lure different types of bugs such as fleas, mosquitoes, wasps, mites, moths, flies, and more!
  • Safe, Nontoxic, and Odorless: Pest Trapper uses nontoxic and odorless glue strong enough to keep bugs stuck on the disc for easy removal. The dome keeps children and pets from getting stuck.
  • Remove, Refill, and Reuse: Remove the used disc and discard, peel off the film from a new disc, secure it inside the dome, and it’s ready for use again
  • 4 Bug-trapping Modes: Pest Trapper uses 4 lighting modes from strong white to strong purple light proven to target different types of pests. It still catches insects even when the lights are off.

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