Brightech Olivia Floor Lamp, Arc Lamp for Living Rooms, Standing Lamp with LED Light Bulbs for Bedroom Reading, Great Living Room Décor, Tall Lamp for Offices – Brass/Gold

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Upgrade your space with Brightech’s Olivia LED floor lamp by bringing a modern look to any décor including modern, urban, minimalist, mid century modern, art deco, and more. Olivia provides cozy, warm light that works as the perfect addition when overhead lights just aren’t enough or when you need more focused light. The included LED bulb shines brightly and warmly, but the domed head helps focus the light and make sure it doesn't overwhelm the room. The tall arc of the Olivia means that you can fit it behind couches or angle it over your bed or favorite armchair. This floor lamp was designed with safety in mind and is made of the best materials to bring you a really quality piece that will add value and comfort to your home for years. The sturdy base and strong metal pole come together to make the lamp as steady and safe as can be, even around kids or pets. Product Specifications: Height- 76 inches Outward reach- 46 inches Base- 2.5 x 13 inches Head- 9 inches diameter Voltage- 110-220v (Made with 2 prong standard US plug)


  • SOPHISTICATED, CONTEMPORARY ARCH LAMP TO MATCH YOUR STYLE: The Brightech Olivia, with its 9” domed (aka globe) metal shade and trendy gold hue, matches many decor styles including modern, mid century modern and industrial. The arch shape, globe lamp shade and “antique brass” finish add elegance to your home or office, starting conversations and earning compliments.
  • TALL, BEHIND THE SOFA READING LIGHT FOR LIVING ROOMS: This is a great lamp to stand up over the living or family room sofa thanks to its height - 76 inches tall (6’4) . The 2.5" metal base slides easily under your sectional, and you can position the arc to parallel or cross above the couch at any angle. Enjoy overhead light for reading, knitting, and other hobbies. The light fixture can adjust 360° to shine light in any direction.
  • ALEXA & SMART HOME COMPATIBLE LAMP, ALSO SAFE AROUND KIDS AND PETS: This UL Certified lamp is compatible with wall switches and can be connected to smart plugs to make it compatible with Alexa (e.g. Echo, Dot etc), Google Home Assistant, etc (The smart plug is sold separately). The 13” diameter heavy base keeps the lamp stable even if knocked into by kids or pets.
  • 20 YEAR LIFE WARM WHITE LED BULB(S) INCLUDED: This Brightech lamp includes a 9.5W, 800 lumen LED bulb, comparable to 60W incandescent. The bulb lasts 20,000 hours, which works out to a 20 year life with normal use (about 3 hours / day) - you never have to replace a bulb. LED doesn't waste lots of energy by producing heat, saving 90% on your electric bill over incandescent. Since LED doesn't get hot, it also avoids accidental burns if you touch the light. Light color: 3000K warm white
  • BRIGHTECH'S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3 year warranty. If your lamp has any defect or stops working within 3 years, we help you troubleshoot and/or send replacement parts or a whole new product. If any problems arise, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction.

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