bodylastics Resistance Bands Protective Sleeve. Made Super Strong with Nylon Webbing, Neoprene Padding, Reinforced Stitching, and Velcro Closure.

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在粗糙的表面上使用您的带子 - 无需担心。 许多练习需要用户通过站立在乐队上来固定乐队。 如果您站在粗糙表面上的带子上,乳胶可能会撕裂,损坏。 带屏障可作为您的带子与任何表面之间的保护层。 以多种方式保护您的腕带 当您站在粗糙或尖锐表面时,带屏障功能会很好。 但是,它还可以让您安全地缠绕在固定物体上。 您几乎可以在任何位置安全地锻炼您的肌肉。 再也不会错过训练。 最好的材料: Bodylastics 因提供最优质的产品而广受好评。 保护带屏障也不例外。 Band Barrier 外层(这是与表面和鞋子接触的)由高品质编织尼龙面料制成。 内层采用柔软耐用的氯丁橡胶(这是与手环接触的物),温柔呵护您的手环。 封口采用高品质尼龙搭扣衬里,确保使用过程中安全关闭。 IRON CLAD 退款保证 您的成功是我们的成功! 这就是为什么每个 Bodylastics Band Barrier 都有我们的无条件退货政策。 我们相信您会爱上这款 Bodylastics Band Barrier,我们提供 100% 退款保证。 试试这款 Bodylastics 产品无风险。 如果不是我们要求的所有东西,请在 30 天内寄回,我们将全额退款。 包装清单: 1 条屏障


  • ★ PROTECT YOUR BANDS - The Bodylastics band barrier was designed to protect resistance bands from damage due to friction with rough surfaces. This friction can be caused by performing exercises while standing on the bands, or wrapping them around a stationary object.
  • ★ SUPER STRONG HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - The Bodylastics Band Barrier is designed and manufactured to be super strong. We have to make it robust, just like every other Bodylastics product. Each Band Barrier is made with strong nylon fabric, heavy duty stitching, top quality neoprene padding, and high quality velcro.
  • ★ SUPER EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE - The design this component is simple. What's even more simple is how you wrap it and then unwrap it around your bands. To secure the Band Barrier around your bands, you open the velcro enclosure, lay your bands over the padded surface and then close the velcro - That's it!
  • ★ SAFE FOR YOUR BANDS - The inner surface of the Band Barrier is lined with neoprene padding. This will help preserve your bands by creating a soft surface for them to press against when they are stretched.
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ­ We're SO confident that you'll love the Bodylastics Band Barrier that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try this Bodylastics product RISK FREE. If it is not everything that we claim send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

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