Bio-K + Drinkable Probiotics for Women & Men, Mango Flavor, 50 Billion Live and Active Bacteria, Dairy-Free Fermented Soy - Shipped Cold (6) Bottles, 3.5 fl. Oz

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✔︎ With over 20 years obsessively learning about, researching and ensuring the viability of our three unique probiotic strains, Bio-K+ probiotics are trained to thrive inside, providing a minimum of 50 billion live & active probiotic cultures.

✔︎ Bio-K+'s drinkable probiotics ensure bacterial survival to the intestines, where it counts, promoting intestinal & immune health.

✔︎ Bio-K+'s efficacy has been proven effective in many trials that included over 76,000 patients and has been published in prestigious journals such as the American Journal of Gastroenterology.


Choose the Bio-K Plus product that is right for you. Bio-K Plus has several liquid varieties, and three are made of fermented dairy including, Original, Strawberry and kidz Starwberry. Other dairy-free Vegaan options are made with fermented soy, available in Mango, Coconut, and kidz Raspberry. The delicious Blueberry flavor is an ORGANIC-certified Vegan option that is made from fermented Rice. If you prefer capsules they come in two forms, regular and extra strength.

Drink 1/4 to 1 bottle of Bio-K Plus each day. It doesn't matter what time of day you drink the supplement. Choose a time that you will remember to drink the supplement and stick with that time every day for consistency and to avoid forgetting a dose.

Take 1 to 2 capsules each day if you choose capsules over the liquid. The capsules may also be taken at any time of day. Regardless of the strength chosen, the recommended dosage is the same.

💡 Pro Tips
If you are taking antibiotics for any reason, space your Bio-K Plus dosage either two hours before or two hours after your antibiotic dose.
Keep probiotics refrigerated. Full potency is guaranteed until the expiry date and shake your Bio-K+ before drinking!

✔︎ The Number #1 Probiotic Chosen by Hospitals.<


  • ⭐️ MAKE IT A 12 PACK ⭐️ add 2 or more 6 packs in any flavor to your cart for the 12 Pack price
  • 🥭 100% FERMENTED SOY DRINKABLE LIVE PROBIOTIC – Bio-K Plus drinkable probiotics are nothing like yogurts enriched with probiotics. The 50 billion probiotic bacteria contained in one Bio-K+ bottle is equivalent to 50 servings of yogurt.
  • 🥭 50 BILLION GOOD BACTERIA FOR YOUR GUT – Bio-K+ is ready to work for you from the minute it is ingested and trough to the intestines. It helps restore intestinal flora balance and promotes digestive and immune health.
  • 🥭 PATENTED & CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULA – The only probiotic that contains 3 strains you can’t find anywhere else: Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285, Lactobacillus casei LBC80R and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CLR2. Our 3 identifiable strains work synergistically to enhance overall health and support microbiome health on a daily basis.
  • 🥭 CERTIFIED NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN + 6 TO 24 DAY SUPPLY – Up to 48 day supply when consuming 1/4 of a bottle daily (see suggested daily consumption image). Keep Bio K + probiotics refrigerated.

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