BEAUTY OF ORIENT - Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, 25 Momme, Hidden Zipper - Natural Hypoallergenic Cooling Pillow Slip (King - 20" x 36", Natural Undyed White)

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We want you and your loved ones to experience the quality and difference of Beauty of Orient Silk Pillowcases, so we have preferred pricing during our launch as we know their are many options. Take advantage to see and feel for yourself. Our family has a long history in the City of Silk, Suzhou (pronounced "Soo+Joh"). With over 2,500 years as a city. Suzhou was the center of silk production for many dynasties. Most of the high-grade material, especially for the royal families, came out of Suzhou. Our goal at Beauty of Orient™ is simple, to share with you and others to enjoy the same high quality silk we grew up to love at a good value. Beauty of Orient™ silk pillowcases are made using only the highest grade 6A long strand 100% pure real mulberry silk. A known beauty secret in the Orient for health, hair, and skin for thousands of years, Silk was exclusive to royalty for a long time. We hope you feel like royalty, as you wake up to a better nights sleep with your Beauty of Orient™ silk pillowcase. BEST CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Dry Clean (no trichloroethylene) ACCEPTABLE CARE INSTRUCTIONS:WASHING:Hand Wash - Lukewarm Water 30C/86F Machine Wash - Gentlest/Shortest CycleMachine Wash in Mesh BagNo BleachPH Neutral / Mild Detergent DRYING:No Tumble DryRoll in Towel to Extract WaterHang Dry in Shade - Avoid Direct SunlightIron Inside Out Slightly Damp - Cool SettingDon't Wring DryTIPS:Avoid or Minimize Heat Exposure Don't over soak during wash and rinseSeparate your colorsAdd a capful of distilled white vinegar to final rinse to help retain color and silk from stiffening Other Beauty of Orient™ luxury silk bedding products coming soon: silk kimonos, silk pillowcase 2 pack, silk pillow shams, silk sheets, silk eye masks, silk pajamas, silk body pillow covers.


  • <b>QUALITY GUARANTEE & SUPERIOR DESIGN</b> - Beauty of Orient™ 25 Momme silk pillowcases are made with the upmost attention to detail. From the raw silk material selection to the superior stitching work, we take pride in every step of this beautiful craft in making your silk pillowcase. Our mulberry silk pillowcases are designed with a same color hidden zippered pillowcase closure, not envelope style, so that your pillow will not slip out and you can sleep on both sides of the pillowcase.
  • <b>PREMIUM SILK MATERIAL</b> - Our luxury 25 momme silk pillow cases use only 100% pure highest grade 6A long fiber mulberry silk. Compared to 19 Momme, this 25 Momme pillow slip has over 30% more silk per square inch. You can also sleep better knowing the material is free of any harmful dyes or chemicals.
  • <b>HAIR AND SKIN BENEFITS</b> - Silk has been a beauty secret in the Orient for thousands of years. A natural protein with 18 types of amino acids silk is gentle and naturally nourishing on your hair and skin. Best for sensitive skin or minimizing morning lines, wrinkles, acne. Silk is anti static and friction, excellent for curly hair, bed head, hair breakage and hair loss. You will never want to go back to a cotton or satin pillowcase for hair and skin again.
  • <b>HEALTH BENEFITS</b> - Silk is naturally hypoallergenic; it helps with better breathing and sleeping especially for allergy sufferers. Silk also is a natural temperature regulator which will help you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you use for travel or home, as you consistently sleep on silk over time you will notice the difference.
  • <b>VARIETY OF COLORS AND SIZES</b> - Choose from eight elegant colors: Natural Undyed White, Vanilla Ice, Rose Water, Frosty Blue, Champagne, Midnight, Royal Navy or Silver Lining. Our silk pillowcases come in three sizes: STANDARD - fits 20” x 26” standard size pillows, QUEEN - covers 20” x 30” queen sized pillows, and KING - fits a 20” x 36” kingsize pillow or body pillow cover.

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