Bean Products WheatDreamz 14" x 20" Japanese Pillow -Cotton Zippered Shell with Organic Buckwheat Hull Filling - Made in USA

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Wheat DreamzTM organic buckwheat hull, Millet hull and Multi-Grain pillows conform to your personal sleeping needs - offering the best neck and head support (whether you're a side or back sleeper) that Chiropractors and sleep professionals recommend. Our pillows may relieve tension, headaches, neck pain, reduce snoring and are the healthy natural way to sleep comfortably all night. An ear depression can be easily created allowing your ear to be suspended without pressure. Shape the organic buckwheat or millet hulls to create the perfect cervical support for your neck and head. Buckwheat hulls stay in shape you need, while millet hulls are easy to shape and are softer, and the Multi-Grain combination gives you the best properties of both grains! These thermodynamic pillows do not conduct heat and allow better air circulation helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature. Grown without Pesticides or Herbicides we use approximately 4 lbs. (2/3 full) of organically grown buckwheat or millet hulls for our Standard size and more hulls for the Queen and King in proportion. Our USA grown and triple screened organic millet and buckwheat hulls are covered in a durable, soft organic cotton ticking fabric or GOTS certified Organic Cotton Fabric and has a covered zippered opening. The zippered opening allows you to add or remove hulls to create the perfect pillow custom fitted for you. It also allows for emptying of the pillow for laundering of the shell ticking fabric if ever needed. Be careful of Imported buckwheat hull pillows that the U.S. Customs Department requires chemical fumigation to prevent pests from entering the United States as these pillows cannot be considered organic or chemical free. Choose only high quality organically grown buckwheat from the USA and handcrafted in the USA by Bean Products for your pillow. Excellent last forever value. Hand made in Chicago, USA by Bean Products TM.


  • ...choose Organic Buckwheat hull or softer Organic Millet hull or our Very Special Dual Sided Organic Multi-grain (half Buckwheat hull and half Millet hull (TWO PILLOWS IN ONE)) fillings which conform to your unique head and neck contours for proper neck support reducing tension, headaches, neck pain, sweating, snoring and ear pain for side sleepers and PROPER CERVICAL CURVE for back sleepers.
  • BUCKWHEAT AND MILLET HULLS reduce heat build-up and allow cooling air circulation keeping you comfortable all night long. Buckwheat hulls have more cooling effect and are firmer while Millet hulls are softer, quieter and more easily shaped. Both natural organic fillings can provide healthy therapeutic head and neck positioning. Can't decide ... try the MULTI-GRAIN dual sided BUCKWHEAT and MILLET pillow ...really unique and special!
  • BUCKWHEAT or Millet hulls make for a great therapeutic pillow by themselves but consider a reversible Multi-Grain Combo with Millet Hulls for the Top section and Buckwheat hulls for the Bottom foundation for a unique fully reversible pillow ...pick your side, choose your grain. Millet is softer, lighter and more movable i.e. shape-able and great by itself or with the firm Buckwheat hull Multi-grain option.
  • SOFT, PURE ORGANIC COTTON twill ticking shell features a hidden zippered opening for complete adjustability and long life as it is refillable. For a lower priced option, just choose conventional cotton.
  • OUR ORGANIC MILLET AND BUCKWHEAT HULLS are grown and triple screened right here in the USA. Pillows are handcrafted by Bean Products in Chicago, USA.
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Bean Products Wheatdreamz 14 X 20 Japanese Pillow, is it available on Amazon?

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