BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow - for Traveling and Comfortable Sleep on Airplane, Car Road Trips, Bus, Train, or at Home – Fully Machine Washable, Carry Bag. Adult XL, Navy

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Founded in 2015, BCOZZY has made it their mission to redefine and improve personalized comfort on-the-go. Starting with travel & neck support pillows, BCOZZY has reinvented the classic travel neck pillow for cabin class travelers. Not like your traditional u-shaped travel pillows, BCOZZY offers an innovative and PATENTED overlap design that gently wraps around the neck providing added chin cushion that can be adjusted to individual comfort levels while maintaining ergonomic head and neck support. The flat back and elevated side boosters keep the head in a natural upright position and providing full head support for a more comfortable sleep on-the-go. BCOZZY pillows are available in variety of colors, materials and sizes for children and adults and can be used by kids in the car, at home, the office and while traveling! BCOZZY is an Amazon Top Seller with 7,000+ customer reviews and 3,000+ 100% customer feedbacks generated. BCOZZY was featured in the media- The Wall Street Journal, USA- "The Best Travel Pillows for Road Warriors" Business Insider, USA- "The Best Travel Pillows" Conde Nast Traveler, USA- "15 Best Travel Pillows That Will Actually Help You Sleep on a Plane" The Strategist, USA- "The Best Travel Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers" Mashable, USA- "9 of the best travel pillows to help you get comfortable on the go" CNN, USA- "Innovative travel pillows that will change how you sleep on a plane for good" Bustle, USA- "The 5 Best Pillows For Kids" Popular Mechanics, USA- "The Top 10 Travel Pillows for the Best Sleep On-The-Go" Forbes, USA- "Five Things To Make Travel More Fun" Oprah Mag, USA- "These Travel Pillows Will Ensure Sleeping on an Airplane Won't Result in Neck Pain" Refinery29, USA- "Top-Rated Travel Pillows That Make Plane & Train Rides Feel Painless" Travel & Leisure, USA- "The 15 Best Travel Pillows for Every Type of Seat Sleeper" For details, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


  • THE BCOZZY PILLOW is the only travel pillow that stops the head from falling forward; the patented neck pillow wraps gently around the neck and provides SUPER SOFT AND BEST SUPPORT simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin; RECOMMENDED for Neck Size 16" and above.
  • IDEAL FOR AIRPLANE FLIGHTS because it is comfortable and actually works; YOU CAN conform and twist it in several positions and control how tight it will be around your neck. The design is perfect for full support while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck; EXCELLENT ALSO FOR ALL FORMS OF TRAVEL- car, train, or bus ride;
  • PERFECT FOR THE HOME - THE SPECIAL DESIGN is crafted for relaxing the head and neck muscles when watching TV or READING and for stabilizing the head for people having trouble holding the head up and need support or to sleep in an upright position;
  • GREAT FOR CHILDREN because its unique design gives the child a sense of comfort and security while PREVENTING THE CHIN FROM SNAPPING or dropping forward and sideways, especially during a car ride; Not a safety device, for comfort only; Do not leave child unattended while using;
  • EASY CARE AND CARRYING since it is durable and FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE; it can be easily attached to side of the carry-on with a SNAP STRAP or easily compressed into the hand bag;
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